Jul 17, 2020
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I'm a D4 at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) looking into programs across the states (e.g. Cali, Texas, Ohio, Utah, NY, NJ) for next year.

From what I gather from ADEA PASS and all the program websites, Canadian students need to have passed NDBE Parts I and II. But other than that, is there any other licensing exams that these programs would require us (Canadian grads) to complete prior to starting the GPR or AEGD (WREB or CDCA)?



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Jun 15, 2016
I don’t think so. Only caveat is to make sure you can apply. For example, VA GPR’s only take US residents. So make sure to check on the PASS website.
Dec 2, 2015
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I would double check with the programs and also look at each state license board website. I know some programs require you to carry your own license while you are in their program. Some states have resident or intern license which don't require a licensure exam but I don't know if every state has this option.

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