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    NHSC - NOI Approval or Verification Cycle Comm.??

    Hey all - for, and to, other NHSC dental members seeking post-grad training, have you received your NOI approval or communication for the 2024 Post Graduate Training Verification Cycle? I've communicated with reps back in late Jan and was told to wait for a coming email in a few weeks. The NOI...
  2. A

    Colorado GPRs

    Hello! I am a recent graduate, just started working a few months ago. I know its early but I am feeling some growing pains and not sure if I should continue growing in practice or if transitioning to GPR would be beneficial. I am currently located in Colorado and would prefer to stay here. Does...
  3. burrito247

    ***Official 2024 GPR+AEGD PASS/Interviews/Match/Non-Match***

    Good luck everyone!
  4. B

    GPR/AEGD.. what does it take to get in?

    Hello! I’m a second year dental student and I’ve been thinking about what I might want to do after graduation. I’ve always been set on general dentistry and am interested in doing an AEGD or GPR. Can anyone speak to what the application process is like and what these programs look for in an...
  5. F

    AEGD/GPR program advice needed

    Hi everyone! I really need help deciding which program I should choose to apply to in a few months. Background: I'm a 3rd year dental student at UMKC. I have an ok GPA. I never wanted to specialize but I really love root canals so I would love to attend a post-doc program that is heavy on...
  6. C

    UNMC GPR and AEGD program opening

    Hi everyone! University of Nebraska Medical Center GPR and AEGD programs in Omaha, Nebraska are looking to complete their classes for the 2022-2023 year. I did the GPR program 2 years ago and had a great experience, so feel free to reach out to me with questions. [email protected]...

    **Official 2022-2023 AEGD/GPR Post-Match

    Hello, Let’s discuss open spots/programs still accepting here! Please feel free to PM me for suggestions!
  8. D

    Unfilled GPR or AEGD Residency Seats 2021

    Hi! Is anyone that has started his or her GPR/AEGD residency aware of any unfilled seats in the program? There isn’t an official list posted anywhere, and emailing program directors has proven to be ineffective to. Thanks in advance!
  9. U

    University of Vermont Medical Center GPR- Virtual Open House

    UVMMC GPR is Hosting its first Virtual Open House on June 3, 2021, from 6-7 PM. If you're interested in getting to know "The Best Dental Residency in Vermont," meeting current residents and love lake life, skiing, craft beer, or the Northeast in general- this is for you! Our GPR is based in...
  10. D

    AEGD or GPR in Chicago

    Hello SDN, I am a current D3 and debating on doing an AEGD or GPR to gain more experience implant placement and IV Sedation. I am really interesting in these areas and would like to do them in the future as a general dentist. I was wondering if any programs in Chicago are good in these areas...
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  12. G

    UNLV GPR - Info, Experiences, Insights?

    I interviewed at UNLV GPR program but the interview was super intense (basically got grilled with trivial questions for an hour) and there wasn’t much time allotted to learning about the program. Because of COVID I wasn’t able to visit. I’m having difficulties getting ahold of residents to ask...
  13. T

    Canadian student applying to AEGDs/GPRs in the US

    I'm a D4 at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) looking into programs across the states (e.g. Cali, Texas, Ohio, Utah, NY, NJ) for next year. From what I gather from ADEA PASS and all the program websites, Canadian students need to have passed NDBE Parts I and II. But other...
  14. A

    Post-Dental school options

    Hi all, I've started my 4th year of dental school and have just started to seriously think about what comes after. I spent a majority of my time in dental school confident that I wanted to be no more than a general dentist, and really had a "C's get degrees" attitude when it came to grades...
  15. M

    GPR/AEGD Programs in AZ/CO

    Anyone know about the GPR/AEGD programs in AZ or CO? Looking to apply to these two states. Arizona seems to only be LMC AEGD programs without specific details about the individual programs. Colorado seems to have some good programs such as the dental school and the VA. Looking for more specific...
  16. G

    Non-match AEGDs and GPRs?

    Most of the programs I'm interested in are non-match programs based on the region I'm applying to - how does this work when acceptances are released? Will some programs extend offers with short deadlines for acceptance? I'm a pretty average applicant so was looking to apply to a good number of...
  17. A

    American AEGD & Canadian GPR Programs (2021)

    Hello Everyone, I am currently an Australian dental student looking to pursue an American AEGD or Canadian GPR program in 2021, any information on program exposure (beyond what is available online) would be greatly appreciated. To clarify, I am not looking for licensure within the United...
  18. _ToothBeTold_

    ***AEGD/GPR Recommendations/Experiences?***

    I know there are many posts about this topic but programs change every year. Does anyone have any experiences with any of the following programs (i.e. you attended or interviewed there)? AEGD - San Antonio, TX (UT Health) AEGD - Augusta, GA AEGD - VA Orlando, FL GPR - VA Philidelphia, PA GPR -...
  19. Itsnotludwigs

    Los Angeles GPRs - trying to compile a list!

    I'm trying to compile a complete list of all the match and non-match GPR programs in LA. Here are the programs I've found so far: 1) USC 2) UCLA 3) Harbor - UCLA Medical Center 4) VA Greater LA Health Care System 5) Veterans Admin Medical Center - Sepulveda 6) Rancho Los Amigos National...
  20. G

    NYC/Nassau County GPRs that let you place implants

    Hey all, I'm looking into GPRs now in the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County areas, and I'm looking for one that allows PGY-1s to place 15+ implants over the course of the year. I hear the VA allows this, but I'm hoping to find multiple options. I know what the GPRs advertise, but...
  21. E

    Applying for a job after completing GPR in NYC

    Hi all, I'm about to start my GPR residency on July 1st in NYC. I like to plan things out mentally ahead of time, so I wanted to know exactly how the process works around this time next year in terms of applying for jobs/receiving licensure. From what I've read, it seems that many people...
  22. A

    NHSC and Residencies

    Hey everyone! So I am very fortunate to be a NHSC scholarship recipient and I have recently been considering a pursuing a GPR or AEGD prior to graduation (I’m only a D1). I was wondering if you guys think completing a residency would be worth the time investment. One of my concerns is simply...
  23. A

    Wilkes Barre VA GPR

    Hello! Does anyone on here have any experience or knowledge about the GPR residency at the Wilkes Barre VA Hospital? I’ve been considering pursuing a VA GPR residency and I was wondering if anyone could post their experience with this program and provide me with information about numbers of...
  24. wengerout

    Best GPR's in NYC?

    What are the best program in NYC for molar endo, implants, and cosmetics/veneers?
  25. T

    2019 Residents in the Los Angeles area

    Hey everyone! Just thought I'd start a thread for anyone moving to the Los Angeles for residency this summer as an opportunity to meet people before we all get there. Feel free to post to which program you will be attending below, when you start, and where you're from.
  26. StraightFlossin

    OHSU GPR 3 Post-Match Positions. Portland, Oregon

    OHSU GPR has 3 post-match positions available. contact Sarah Wilkinson, residency coordinator [email protected]
  27. coribear09

    second year looking for advice on AEGD/GPR

    Hey I was curious about how competitive it is to get accepted into an out of state GPR or AEGD residency program?? I currently attend the OU College of Dentistry and don't plan to stay in Oklahoma City. My grades are good, I have a 3.7 halfway through second year and I help out with ASDA events...
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  29. D

    **2019 AEGD/GPR PASS/Interviews/Match/Non-Match**

    Thought I'd start an AEGD/GPR thread for the 2019 PASS cycle. Please feel free to post about any updates on invites, interviews or any application related info. Wish y'all the best!
  30. P

    Dental GPR Position Available in NY

    Lincoln Medical Center Dental GPR has 2 positions available for either a first year or second year dental residency position. We have specialists in Endo, Perio, Oral Surgery and Pediatrics. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Bhuiya or respond to this post. Dr. Naeema Bhuiya...
  31. tonywonder

    Value in brief pre-application GPR program visits

    I'm taking a few days off from school in July to see family in LA and I'd like to use that time to visit USC and UCLA GPRs. However, I'm traveling to spend time with family - and I've heard/read that program visits typically last a half or full day - which I just won't have the time for...
  32. tonywonder

    Assess competitiveness of GPR/AEGD programs?

    Is there any info out there to help evaluate the competitiveness among GPR/AEGD programs, re: acceptance rates? I would assume those with fewer eligibility requirements are less competitive, but does anyone have some more insight?
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  34. M

    GPR or AEGD for international/FTD with stipends?

    Hi everyone, I'll be graduating from a foreign dental school in Central America this fall and I'm planning to do a GPR or AEGD that accepts FTDs with stipends (waived tuition with a little allowance maybe?) I am aware that UConn had a 1yr or 2yr program but I don't know if it's still available...
  35. S

    General Practice PGY 2

    Hello, I'm a PGY1 at Dental General Practice at Northside Medical Center in OH and they are closing the program. I need a PGY2 position for July 1, 2018. I'm a foreign trained Dentist (University of Costa Rica) and maybe my FTE and Cap position can be transfer...I need help and Advice PLEASE!!!!
  36. B

    GPR - LSU GPR Baton Rouge BR

    Information about LSU GPR Baton Rouge with Dr. Lynda Harhad as Program Director. Attendings: general dentist, one prosthodontist 2 times a month Patient pool: not enough patients Rotations: VA, OMFS, Emergency medicine, Anethesia VA (2mo): A lot of restorative, crown/bridge, endo and consistent...
  37. G

    Apply to both GPR/OMFS in the same cycle?

    Hey guys! I'm a current 3DN, and I waited a bit too long to make up my mind about residencies. I always figured I'd fall back on an AEGD/GPR and just do general if I didn't decide on something. Recently I've been getting drawn in to OMFS and am seriously considering applying for a 4 year...
  38. Z

    GPR vs A Family Owned Practice

    Hi eveyone! Just looking for a bit of advice. I'm a D3 and I had originally intended on coming straight out of school and joining a practice owned by my parent. But after going to school and being in the clinic I am starting to wonder if I am going to feel confident enough in my skills to...
  39. D

    GPR RESIDENCY SPOT AVAILABLE for 2017-2018 cycle!!

    Recent opening for a GPR resident position for this current 2017-2018 cycle at New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. Please message me back on SDN. James Sconzo DMD - Program Chief
  40. K

    ***Official 2018 GPR/AEGD Interviews/Match/Non-Match Results

    Post any updates about GPR/AEGD residency programs here. :) --interview dates --application statuses --any information you want to share --questions, etc. I didn't see anything started yet, but they started one of these around this time last year. Good luck everyone!