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    Opthalmology as an IMG

    Hello, non US IMG here. Wanted to ask if opthalmology is an IMG friendly specialty because I haven’t managed to find many statistics of the past years regarding the number of IMGs matching. Is a usmle step 1 score of 240 and decent scores of step 2 CK and CS along with some research done...
  2. P

    Got a TY offer in SOAP, didn't match into Psych

    Hi everyone, Thanks for reading this. So I'm really conflicted as to what to do here. My apps were delayed a few weeks in the fall due to a late LOR and I ended up not matching into Psych. I got a TY in SOAP and I know I should be grateful for that, but so far the program does not seem great...
  3. S

    Ob/Gyn Hospitalist and Residency interviewer, had 2 babies in residency Ask Me Anything!

    I'm a practicing Ob attending, interview residency candidates, and teach medical students. I also had 2 babies during my OB residency! I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about Med school, residency, family life. Comment here or PM me!
  4. D

    Personal Statement Editor

    Hello everyone! I am hoping to make your personal statement writing journey a tad less stressful. I understand what medical school and residency admissions committees want to see in an applicant's essay. Let me help you with grammar corrections, diction, and overall make you and your personal...
  5. A

    Wilkes Barre VA GPR

    Hello! Does anyone on here have any experience or knowledge about the GPR residency at the Wilkes Barre VA Hospital? I’ve been considering pursuing a VA GPR residency and I was wondering if anyone could post their experience with this program and provide me with information about numbers of...
  6. Dranonymous814

    IM residency Match 2020

    Guys, As the 2019 Match season is done and it's high time for the ones who are aiming for 2020 to get serious. Therefore, i would like to start a thread help everyone on the path to a successful Match. Here we can add the credentials and any questions regarding the application process
  7. bostoncollegemgh

    Chances for Ortho Match?

    I just want to hear from the normal people on this who have applied or are applying and NOT the top candidates who don't get the struggle (respect and all but that's just not me)... Be brutal if it's the truth. My weakness is grades. I can network the hell out of anything but shelfs/USMLEs are...
  8. G

    2 yrs LOA. Chances of residency??

    Hello everyone, I am a non-US IMG studying in my 4th year. Med school in my country is 5 years. I was diagnosed with severe depression when I was in my 3rd year. Just before my 3rd year final exams, things took a bad turn, and I was admitted to a psych ward which resulted in me not...
  9. M

    IM, FM, or Peds residency?

    I'm a 3rd year Caribbean medical student, and I have a terrible step 1 score of 212...I'm not sure what happened there but I'm working towards a redeemable step 2 score. I'm interested in FM, IM and Peds (basically primary care), but I also want to make SURE I get a residency in one of those 3...
  10. K

    Residency in Ireland/UK for an EU graduate

    Hi, I'm a med student in Slovakia and next year I will be graduating, I am thinking about moving to the UK or Ireland to start my residency, is it difficult for EU graduates? How is the current situation, do I need to take PLAB? Also which country do you think is better for doing a residency...
  11. Mat the coolcat

    Residency interview prep advice & curveball questions asked

    Hey all, just wondering what resources y'all are using for interview prep this upcoming residency season. Also curious for folks who matched EM in the last couple years what "curve ball" questions you got asked on your interview trail. This request is both for preparation and entertainment...
  12. S

    ERAS mistake - did I mess this up badly?

    I applied for neuro a few weeks ago and got one interview call. Today, I received an email from a director at a hospital I applied to pointing out that I messed up the city in my address - I wrote '(city in Florida), CA'. The city is my hometown, and I currently live in CA. I don't know how I...
  13. T

    New California EM program

    I am the APD for a new EM program at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage California. Residencies in IM and FM as well as transitional internship have been ongoing for 7 years at EMC. We have a well established GME office and are expanding every year into more medical education. We have...
  14. B

    Beaumont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Taylor Program (Michigan)

    Hi! I am one of the PM&R residents at Beaumont Hospital in Taylor, Michigan and I am writing this on behalf of my program. I want to let those interested in PM&R know that our program is "new" as it recently transitioned from Wayne State University to Beaumont Health. The program originally...
  15. F

    How to Be a Helpful Spouse During Residency Application Process

    Hi All. I am pretty new to SDN, and I figured this would be a good place to ask about residency how-to's. My husband does so much of the research for anything medical school related (obviously, since he's the one in medical school), so he doesn't always convey to me what I could be...
  16. A

    Applying to Residency without all three LOR

    I am applying to urology this cycle and only have 2 letters of recommendation uploaded so far. I am waiting on my other letter writers to upload. I sent my application in with the 2 letters before the release date Sept 15th. Will programs consider my application incomplete and either not look at...
  17. D

    Other Gap year PGY1 to PGY2

    I am currently in a prelim year, I'm applying for R, A, and C programs this ERAS season. However, I'd like to not repeat an intern year, going mostly for R programs. Any thoughts of what I could do in a gap year if I matched into an advanced spot besides trying to get another prelim spot? I was...
  18. T

    Army Residency Rank List

    I'm looking for advice regarding applying to a specialty with less than 5 sites. For instance, psych and neuro have only 2 sites, respectively, but we need to rank 5 locations. The question of what to do with the other 3 spots is complicated by the rumor I have heard that if you rank something...
  19. L

    CV gaps. Do they affect my US residency application?

    I am an FMG. I graduated first week of July 2018. My internship doesn't start until December or maybe even February depending on the placement. That's how it is in my country. So now I'll have a good 5-7 months gap in my CV. Is this considered a gap for US residency program directors? Since I...
  20. 3

    Applying to only 4 year OMFS programs? Bad idea?

    I'm a D3 and starting to look into externships for OMFS. I've read countless threads and done my own research and on 4 vs 6 year programs and I've decided that given my currently family situation, age, and where and how I plan to practice, a 4 year program is the route I want to take. My...
  21. S

    Switching Specialty during Prelim year

    Hey everyone, I am currently completing a surgical prelim year. I have an advanced position in anesthesia next year but would like to switch into a surgical residency. Can anyone comment on the steps to go about switching residency specialty without getting an NRMP violation? Does this...
  22. C

    When is everyone submitting SFMatch this year?

    Based on past threads, it seems like mid-August is a good target date. I'm still waiting for a letter to come in, so I was wondering if I submitted by mid-next week would it still be distributed in the first batch?
  23. I

    Official Eternal IM WAMC Thread

    Thought I would start this new thread for WAMC even though still early for upcoming match cycle. I am an AMG in between MS3 and MS4, on research year. I had originally wanted to do derm, but after this year of research, decided that I am more interested in internal medicine. I would like to...
  24. SeldingerFan78

    MD & DO What specialty is right for you?

    This is an infamous dilemma that has been targeted by countless quizzes and personality tests. As we head into residency application season, I thought I'd post a few links to articles that might help people choose a specialty that best resonates with them. Remember, a single rotation experience...
  25. C

    Comlex 610 USMLE 216

    Hello Everyone, I received my usmle score today and am blown away with disappointment. I am an third year medical student. I was okay with my comlex score, however, before taking USMLE I was scoring at a 250 on NBMEs, with my baseline being a 230. I scored a 252 on NBME 18 a week before step. I...
  26. U

    Non-US IMG 2019 match Thread!!!!(IM,FM,NEURO)

    Hey Guys!!! NRMP opens in a month! Let's stay together.
  27. D

    (LOR's) Re-applying to gen surg as a resident

    I know there are a lot of threads out there regarding re-applying as residents from one field to another, but many of them are out of date. And, more specifically, my questions pertain to the LOR's. This is the thing that unfortunately holds me back. I do, however, have the support of the VIP(s)...
  28. SeldingerFan78

    MD & DO IR resident AMA

    Hey SDN universe, I recently started my IR residency at my top choice program. Feel free to ask me anything regarding my choice of IR or the application process. I used some techniques from business world to land interviews at 80% of programs I applied to. IR is a dynamic and interesting field...
  29. F

    MD/PhD Question about Labs and Residency

    I will be choosing my thesis lab soon for my school's MD/PhD programs and it feels like a tough choice between these two different labs, which is a good thing. However, I am concerned that my choice of a PhD in one of the two the different fields will limit what residency programs I want to get...
  30. R

    LOR question

    Hi all, I have a rotation that I will be starting Sept 20th and I wanted to get a letter of recommendation from this rotation. Is it too late to do so at that point? I would only have 1 other internal medicine letter + chairman letter by that point. I'm applying internal medicine btw Thanks
  31. J

    Leave of Absence to start working on a startup

    I am currently an MS2, but have been working on a project for the last few months and I really think I could get it off the ground soon. I had a few questions about the whole LOA process and what it entails for residency. I have no academic problems or penalties on my profile, and am in good...
  32. C

    Chances of matching in a residency

    Hi everyone, First of thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I am a US medical school graduate, started residency but due to health reasons it was hard to continue and resigned almost towards the end of year 1. I had amazing and supportive PD and mentors, but at that point it was...
  33. G

    How does my application measure up?

    Hi all. I am curious as to what residents/attendings think of my chances to go to a top 15 or 20 program in anesthesia. Here is a snapshot of my resume. Top 1/2 of my class. School is middle of the road from the Midwest. Step 1: 231 Step 2: TBD Research: 1 project with 3 pubs, but not...
  34. batman25

    MD Improve Residency Match Chances in Gap Year?

    Hi guys, I graduated from undergrad in 3 years and will be taking 2 gap years (one being my 4th year and the other 5th) because I still have not taken the MCAT and will have to apply in later 2019-2020 cycle. I definitely will use this time off to relax/spend time with friends and family, but...
  35. D

    Perio Residency Requirements- Research

    I'm a current dental student and thinking of specializing in periodontics. I know that almost all perio programs require research, but was wondering if anyone knows what kind of research? Are the topics limited to dentistry? Or can the topic be on anything dental/medical related? If you're...
  36. A

    Chances of getting a recidency after failing first year IMG?

    Hi I am an IMG from Australia. I failed my first year of medical school but have gotten high grades (90%+) ever since. In my USMLE step 1 I got 275 and in my USMLE step 2 CK I got 265. Do I have any chance of matching in a residency like anaesthesiology or ophthalmologist in the US? Or did my...
  37. K

    Disastrous clerkship...residency chances?

    Hello everyone. This post will be part rant and part asking for advice. Bear with me... I am at the end of my third year clerkships and had done pretty well throughout the year, getting a majority of honors and some high passes throughout the year. However I recently completed a core clerkship...
  38. P

    Do residency program coordinators talk to each other?

    Hi there, Quick question because I am freaking out a little... I called the registrar at a school whose VSAS application I'm waiting to hear back from. I ended up getting transferred to someone else in the Ob/Gyn department and they said they didn't have any spots until January even though my...
  39. PickleRick19

    FM Matching Question

    Hey everyone, I'm a third year medical student who will be applying for residency in FM this coming fall. First, a bit of background: - 245 step 1 - Pass in family medicine core clerkship, barely missing HP (good comments on eval, pretty good shelf. I take full responsibility for the grade, but...