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  1. M

    Chances of getting residency interviews or matching with a misdemeanor

    Hi, Everyone. I am applying for residency for the family medicine match 2023 circle. I had a misdemeanor conviction in 2019 for driving without car registration and insurance. the state doesn't expunge records. I have beaten myself up these past months for the terrible mistake and wanted to know...
  2. K

    Late Registration for NBEO Part III

    Today (05/04/2022) was the opening date for registering for the NBEO part III clinical skills exam at 9PM EST. For personal financial reasons, I wasn't able to afford the exam at registration time, and it is now 7 hours after the opening time for registration and I can already no longer find any...
  3. S

    Only 1 elective in PM&R. Am I in trouble?

    Due to personal circumstances along with my other M4 requirements, I may only be able to do 1 PM&R elective prior to applying for residency. I have had exposure to the field through research and a couple of conferences. I am planning on doing 1-2 more electives after submitting my application...
  4. D

    Choosing Residency Virtually

    Now that the interview season is coming to a close, how is the class of 2022 supposed to rank the best choices for themselves? I had a lot of interviews, and for most of them I felt great about the program and how I got along with everyone, but when I went to visit for a second look, I was less...
  5. Lifeblood_20

    How competitive is Radiology?

    Current M1. So far in med school I have just focused on passing and haven't done any meaningful research or started building up my CV for residency apps. From my still limited exposure, I feel that radiology may be a good fit. I was wondering how competitive it is and if research is very...
  6. Asclepius293

    Ability to Schedule Future Interview After Cancelling Past Freeze Date

    Hey all, I had something important come up on the same day of a scheduled interview. The freeze date on the ERAS self-scheduler has passed already, but I'm confused based on the ERAS user guide. It says that you can still cancel a scheduled interview date after a freeze date has passed. It...
  7. P

    How much does preclinical rank matter when the class average is fairly high?

    I'm an M1 at a lower mid-tier school with pass/fail with internal rankings (which determine adjectives on Dean's letter to residency). I score pretty consistently in the low-mid 80%s on exams, which I would feel pretty good about given the pass/fail situation, except for the fact that the class...
  8. N

    Thoughts on disclosing ADHD diagnosis in ERAS personal statement?

    I talked about about my ADHD in my personal statement. It's not the main focus, but I used it as an introductory point that sets the path to discuss cultural stigmas against mental health care, my desire to work with families, and the work ethic/skills I've developed as a result of my ADHD. Am I...
  9. E

    OBGYN Residency Program Fair

    There is a virtual residency fair for OBGYN residency applicants hosted by Education for All OBGYN. It is free and the only one of its kind this year. So far, 21 Programs from across the country are signed up, with more than 90 students planning to attend. You can find out more and RSVP at...
  10. reslmc

    Specialties that prefer field-specific research & M2 uncertainty

    Fresh MS2 here - I keep hearing M4's (and some M3's) saying to not worry about being unsure of a speciality choice. However, I know there are certain fields that would definitely prefer to see speciality-specific research going into residency (from what i hear some (not all) include...
  11. S

    >4 years to graduate from undergrad?

    I have a question, do residency programs care if I take more than 4 years to graduate from college, or are they more interested in my grades during med school?
  12. Welshman

    MD Surgical Sub + High Step 1, Risk Step 2 Score Drop or Delay?

    Hi everyone, I got some really great advice on away rotations a few weeks ago and wanted to hear some more opinions on my latest conundrum. Unfortunately, my school doesn't have any faculty from competitive specialties so their advice tends to be very superficial; I kid you not after presenting...
  13. Welshman

    MD Away Rotation Advice; No Home Program

    Hi everyone, I haven't been able to find much relevant advice for my specific situation, especially given COVID changes to the residency application process, so I thought I would ask here. I'm planning on applying to a small surgical subspecialty this year but unfortunately, my med school is a...
  14. Q

    Learning a 2nd language (French/Spanish)

    I have some extra time now, MS3, and have always wanted to learn a second language! For background, I'm interested in a US dermatology residency and spent considerable time building my CV early on, if that matters. I have time before I would apply. I've tried spanish multiple times and lost...
  15. H

    Deciding between Tufts Early Assurance Program or applying regular cycle

    Hi! I am currently a junior at Tufts and was admitted to the Tufts early assurance program (EAP) for the Tufts School of Medicine (TMS). I'm still trying to decide whether to commit to the program or apply more broadly in the regular cycle. I really like TMS but it is pretty expensive and I...
  16. P

    Position Swap Looking for PGY 2 spot on July 1, 2021.

    I am a PGY 1 Internal Medicine resident on an H1B visa in upstate NY with good standing in the program. I am looking for PGY 2 opening in any specialty which sponsors H1B. Preferably Internal Medicine Categorical program. Preferably northeast states. If anyone wants to swap. I am open. thanks...
  17. grichi

    How difficult is it to get into a residency program?

    Specifically in wildlife. (I must also specify that I’m a foreigner that will take the ECFVG and NAVLE) - I know most residencies require at least a 1yr internship. Is it also difficult to get into an internship? - Do you have any knowledge about requirements? - Any advice for building a fit...
  18. T

    My PASS app is gone?!

    I was checking my pass app today and the whole application is gone. Did this ever happen to any of you guys? I did not even save copy of my apps...
  19. T

    Great places in the States for applying a psych residency ?

    Hi here , I'm an American IMG trying to broaden my horizons on where in the states would be a good place to apply for a psychiatry residency . I've been told there are great programs in California but besides that I have no clue about any other place. Any tiny little bit of information would be...
  20. D

    IMG need advice/experience in prelim application & SOAP success rate

    I'm a non-US IMG, potentially no visa needed, with good scores (step1 255~260, step2 265~270, CS first pass) applying for neurology&radiology this year. YOG 4 years, has a bunch of first author publication in decent journals. Got some great interview invitations from advanced residency programs...
  21. F

    Wrong ERAS Dates

    So I just noticed that I made a date mistake on my ERAS application. I put the start date of my medical school a year later than I actually started.... my graduation date was correct though. Not sure what I should do now since I've already submitted the application and can't make any changes...
  22. optimist99

    How many LoRs to send - OBGYN application

    So I'm applying to OBGYN this cycle and can't decide how many LoRs I should send programs that say things like "a total of three (3) LoRs is required for final review" and "a complete application contains... three (3) LoRs including the dept chair letter." Does this mean I can't include a 4th...
  23. G

    New MS3 in need of help- interested in anesthesiology

  24. Chiman

    2021 Orofacial pain/TMD residency programs

    Hi Everyone, I noticed there is no discussion about the 2021 orofacial pain/TMD residency programs. So I decided to create the thread for this year. Feel free to share the info or post your questions here. Best of luck to all the applicants! BTW, I have got an interview invitation for the...
  25. ovmedchiefres

    Olive View - UCLA Internal Medicine Residency Program Chief Resident Q&A!!

    Hi Everyone! We are the current Olive View-UCLA IM Chief Residents for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. As we are entering into the residency application/interview season, we wanted to create a forum to answer any questions that you may have about our program! Feel free to ask us anything...
  26. F

    Honesty in Personal Statement

    Hello everyone, I'd like to start by saying this question is not for me but for a friend of mine. He is looking into applying to Psychiatry residencies in the upcoming months. He has had personal experience with mental health and with support from family, friends, therapists, and his school was...
  27. T

    Canadian student applying to AEGDs/GPRs in the US

    I'm a D4 at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) looking into programs across the states (e.g. Cali, Texas, Ohio, Utah, NY, NJ) for next year. From what I gather from ADEA PASS and all the program websites, Canadian students need to have passed NDBE Parts I and II. But other...
  28. 1

    Opthalmology as an IMG

    Hello, non US IMG here. Wanted to ask if opthalmology is an IMG friendly specialty because I haven’t managed to find many statistics of the past years regarding the number of IMGs matching. Is a usmle step 1 score of 240 and decent scores of step 2 CK and CS along with some research done...
  29. LindaAccepted

    Medical 4 Don’ts for Your Residency Personal Statements

    The ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service) opened back in June, and now it’s already September, so it’s time to get cracking on those residency essays! Why your residency essays are so important Your personal statement is a vital part of your residency application: it provides you with...
  30. P

    Got a TY offer in SOAP, didn't match into Psych

    Hi everyone, Thanks for reading this. So I'm really conflicted as to what to do here. My apps were delayed a few weeks in the fall due to a late LOR and I ended up not matching into Psych. I got a TY in SOAP and I know I should be grateful for that, but so far the program does not seem great...
  31. S

    Ob/Gyn Hospitalist and Residency interviewer, had 2 babies in residency Ask Me Anything!

    I'm a practicing Ob attending, interview residency candidates, and teach medical students. I also had 2 babies during my OB residency! I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about Med school, residency, family life. Comment here or PM me!
  32. D

    Personal Statement Editor

    Hello everyone! I am hoping to make your personal statement writing journey a tad less stressful. I understand what medical school and residency admissions committees want to see in an applicant's essay. Let me help you with grammar corrections, diction, and overall make you and your personal...
  33. A

    Wilkes Barre VA GPR

    Hello! Does anyone on here have any experience or knowledge about the GPR residency at the Wilkes Barre VA Hospital? I’ve been considering pursuing a VA GPR residency and I was wondering if anyone could post their experience with this program and provide me with information about numbers of...
  34. Dranonymous814

    IM residency Match 2020

    Guys, As the 2019 Match season is done and it's high time for the ones who are aiming for 2020 to get serious. Therefore, i would like to start a thread help everyone on the path to a successful Match. Here we can add the credentials and any questions regarding the application process
  35. bostoncollegemgh

    Chances for Ortho Match?

    I just want to hear from the normal people on this who have applied or are applying and NOT the top candidates who don't get the struggle (respect and all but that's just not me)... Be brutal if it's the truth. My weakness is grades. I can network the hell out of anything but shelfs/USMLEs are...
  36. G

    2 yrs LOA. Chances of residency??

    Hello everyone, I am a non-US IMG studying in my 4th year. Med school in my country is 5 years. I was diagnosed with severe depression when I was in my 3rd year. Just before my 3rd year final exams, things took a bad turn, and I was admitted to a psych ward which resulted in me not...
  37. M

    IM, FM, or Peds residency?

    I'm a 3rd year Caribbean medical student, and I have a terrible step 1 score of 212...I'm not sure what happened there but I'm working towards a redeemable step 2 score. I'm interested in FM, IM and Peds (basically primary care), but I also want to make SURE I get a residency in one of those 3...
  38. K

    Residency in Ireland/UK for an EU graduate

    Hi, I'm a med student in Slovakia and next year I will be graduating, I am thinking about moving to the UK or Ireland to start my residency, is it difficult for EU graduates? How is the current situation, do I need to take PLAB? Also which country do you think is better for doing a residency...
  39. LindaAccepted

    Medical What’s the Best Way to Prep for Your Residency Interview

    PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and then some more PRACTICE! According to Dr. Sheryl Neuman, Accepted’s expert in residency and fellowship admissions, one of the most common residency interview question asked will be: “Why did you want to become a doctor?” Practice your answer to this question ahead of...
  40. Mat the coolcat

    Residency interview prep advice & curveball questions asked

    Hey all, just wondering what resources y'all are using for interview prep this upcoming residency season. Also curious for folks who matched EM in the last couple years what "curve ball" questions you got asked on your interview trail. This request is both for preparation and entertainment...