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Dec 30, 2003
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Im a 6th semester college student currently on a liberal arts track. I decided to go "premed" kind of late in the game, and i'm not going to finish all of the classes required for med school by the time i graduate as a psychology major next spring. I am currently taking the second semester of biology, but i still have the two chemistry courses, and physics (& calc? micro? a&p?) to go.

My gpa thus far isnt took me a while to get serious about college, and i will probably have around a 3.0 by the time i graduate.

Originally, my plan was to take as many of the science courses as i can over the next 2 semseters, then finish up the rest independantly after i graduate. THEN i would apply to a post-bacc program for academic record enhancement.

But-- would it be more advisable for me to take it "easy" for the rest of my undergrad (take courses in my major and related to boost my gpa) and leave the chem, physics, etc for postbacc?? Should i be focusing more on getting my grades up rather than taking premed requirements at this point? Would a postbacc program for career changers be more suitable for me?

My extracurriculars are strong, and im going to take a course for EMT-b this summer, to gain more experience.
Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.


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Nov 7, 2003
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I think you should just try to finish up strong -- take some classes that you'll enjoy in your major to boost your gpa and save the pre-med stuff for your post-bac.
If you're definitely applying to post-bac programs, it'll also be to your advantage to not do all your pre-med classes first, cause a lot of programs are designed for people who haven't met any of their requirements yet. Good luck!


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Sep 13, 2002
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I agree with the previous poster. I first thought about med school in my junior year of college, and signed up to take some science. But then I put it aside and pursued other things. I am glad I did. I had a strong GPA with my first degree, got to take some cool classes I would not have gotten to had I been trying to cram in all that science. Doing post-bac later was a good thing. I just focused on science and exploring medicine and did well. Overall, I think having the good GPA in college really helped me to have success in the admissions process. Good luck :)
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