Carribean Med school updat

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Jun 7, 2023
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It’s a trap

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This is a complex issue. You are dealing with the application of a US statute to a foreign country. It is likely being applied because the school receives US Department of Education funding. It appears that the US Department of Education has strict guidelines for the adjudication of Title IX complaints. These guidelines may or may not have been followed properly in your case. It may be school policy, not Title IX requirements, that has resulted in this being placed on your academic record. There may be appeal options, eg to the Dean, available to you. Complex. You really need a knowledgeable advocate in dealing with this. As you appreciate, your future career hinges on the outcome.

You say you hired a lawyer, but you seem dissatisfied with the lawyer's services. Was your lawyer an expert in these matters? If not, it may be worth consulting with an expert in this area of law. Here are a couple of links you might find helpful:

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Already appealed and already lost
It's not just about appeal options. It's about how this will be worded or placed in your record. How future residencies will view this etc.

You lost the appeal. Now what? (rhetorical question).
This is a really tough situation. Fully adequate consent is absolutely necessary. If either consenting party is intoxicated, no level of consent will hold up in an investigation.

If this is reported to residency programs, I expect it will greatly impact your application and match options. if a program were to match you and then you were to have something similar happen, they would be liable for the situation. Most programs will not take that risk.
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