CC JC transfer to UCLA - Need Help

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Jan 29, 2009
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Hi Guys and Gals,

Here is my dilemma. I am currently a first semester Freshman at Orange Coast College. I plan on transferring to UCLA and majoring in Psychobiology.

Here are the links below for the Psychobio reqs, ASSIST.ORG and UCLA

Well, the problem is, I was unsure of my major and didn't develop a course of action to take this semester, so i just settled on four IGETC courses, Eng 100, Anth 100, Psyc 100, and Phil 120

Now I was under the impression that the IGETC was required in order to transfer to UCLA from my CC. Is that true? or is it just highly recommended in order to be accepted? If I don't complete the IGETC before I transfer, will I not get accepted based on that? Which is the better option?

And most importantly, the pre-majors are all of the requirements for med school. I've read extensively that Med schools frown upon pre-reqs done at a CC. But with my situation, what would be the best course of action? Keep in mind I already wasted this semester taking 4 useless classes and I'd like to make up for it :(

Thanks for reading the whole story. I appreciate your help guys and gals. Thanks

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I transferred from a CC to UCLA. IGETC is not required, but I would recommend you finish it. It'll make your life easier. You do not need to finish all the pre-reqs for your major at your CC to transfer. My CC did not offer equivalent courses for some of the pre-reqs. But the more you take at your CC, the less you need to take later and the sooner you can start on your major classes.
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Thanks for the input thusfar guys. It sucks that the IGETC is not required and that i wasted a whole semester taking 4 EASY classes...The pre-reqs for the major are something like this

1year Calculus
1year General Chemistry
1year Organic Chemistry
1year General Biology
1year Specific Biology (1 semester BioChem/Molec Bio & 1 semester of Genetics)
1year Physics(calculus based w/ 1 semester taking LAB)

With the above pre-reqs, what would be the most optimal for me to take at my JC in order to still be able to transfer to UCLA, but at the same time, not be left at a disadvantage for taking most of the pre-reqs for med school, at a JC.

I guess the biggest factor for me is that I am working full-time right now. I planned on working throught my 2yr JC stint and to stop working once I transferred to UCLA. However, with all of these courses, it would seem almost impossible to finish all the pre-reqs while working full-time(8am-5pm shift) and still be able to transfer after only 2 years. I'd most likely have to stop working by next semester to cram everything in, with all the pre-reqs for the pre-reqs...:(, or spend 3yrs at the JC.

Thanks guys!
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You aren't at a disadvantage for taking all IGETC courses this semester, but you want to start on your pre-requs asap since most take a year to complete and you want to get out of there in 2 years. Take chem, bio, and physics first. It's doable in 2 years. Organic chem you probably won't finish in time, since you need to finish chem and bio before you start the series. Take calculus too. Make sure this semester that you are able to sign up some of your pre-reqs. At my school, you needed to pass a test to be able to sign up for the class.

I worked throughout my first two years, but not full time. They will rarely offer pre-req courses at night, so you may need to scale back to part-time.
pm me if you have questions
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I'm in my last semester of CC right now and I have heard that UCLA puts a lot emphasis on pre-reqs aka even if you have a 4.0 you will have significantly lowered your chances. I chose to not finish my IGETC by 1 or 2 classes in order to finish all the pre-reqs (ill tell u if this was the right decision in about 2 months lol).My recommendation is to start chemistry as soon as possible if anything since it's the longest sequence so that you can get out faster (something I wish I did). I think the most critical thing for cc students is to continue to keep up their gpa's after transferring + get a good MCAT. Snypajy gave a lot of good information. Good luck.