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cedars vs. ucla harbor vs. santa barb prelim

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Nov 14, 2006
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any opinions on cedars sinai prelim vs. ucla harbor trans vs. santa barba prelim?

priorities: ability to meet people / be in a cool place; a program that won't kill me.

here's my take:

santa barbara prelim - beautiful but sleepy rich town with not a lot of singles or opportunity to meet ppl (small program/hospital), totally cush/vacation prelim year (but will there be anyone to have fun with?)

cedars prelim - huge program, beautiful hospital, great location but work hard

harbor transitional - big program w/ lots of opportunity to meet other residents, transitional year offers more variety, but ghetto hospital/area, mixed feelings on how cush it is (i've heard both)

so given all that... i basically have no idea what order to rank them... any ideas?

(these plus scripps are basically my top choices no matter where i go)
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