Dual Apply Prelim Medicine and Surgery?

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Feb 24, 2016
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I’m an MS-3 applying to an advanced program (think PMR, rads, ophtho, etc.). For dual applying to residency the conventional wisdom is that you can’t apply to the same program for both. What about preliminary programs? For example, could I dual apply to the same hospital, say BIDMC for both Preliminary Medicine and Preliminary Surgery?

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Yes, you can. Preliminary programs are well aware that you are only there for 1 year and are just searching for something to get that foundational training before moving onto your advanced program. If a place had Prelim IM, prelim surgery and transitional year, you could technically apply to all 3. Now, in my opinion, some options are better for some advanced programs. For example, PM&R, while highly procedural with needles, is not very surgical, so better options might be TY or Prelim IM. On the other hand, ophthalmology is highly procedural and surgical, so any of the 3 might be good options. Just my thoughts
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