MD cGPA 3.87/511 MCAT WAMC

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Sep 22, 2017
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I've been watching a lot of these threads and finally decided I would throw my app out there to see what everyone thinks.

511 MCAT 128/130/127/126
cGPA 3.92 upward trend I guess??
sGPA 3.99 (one A- freshman year) Recieved A+ in Biochem, Orgo, other biology courses (Does this hold any weight??)

IL resident
Not ORM or URM

Worked summer job at local business every summer (not medical related)

1.5 years of research in a neuroscience lab but pretty minimal participation I think, about 250 hours total.

Around 500 hours of shadowing/being mentored by an electrophysiologist. I rounded in multiple hospitals and nursing homes with him. Also did a poster on vasovagal syncope that was more educational based compared to research based with him.

Strong involvement all semesters in Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children Club (Put in about 400+ hours) I was recently elected President. Tons of non-clincal volunteering with an additional 80 clincal in Uganda on an abroad trip

I've done about 80 hours of volunteering in my underprivileged hometown where I worked with the electrophysiologist to increase education.

My school list is super broad and I've used MSARs and a lot of this forum to get a good feel, I would just love a general idea on what schools I can hope to hear from. Do I have a chance at Northwestern or U Michigan?
I'd love to come back to IL, so I see UIC and Loyola realistic choices. But I applied to most Midwestern schools around IL

Thank you for any responses in advance!

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Sep 15, 2012
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You could receive interviews at schools such as UIC, Loyola, Rosalind Franklin, Medical College Wisconsin, St. Louis and Oakland Beaumont. U Michigan and Northwestern are slight reaches so less likely.
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