Aug 16, 2015
Im 25 and just received my Bachelor's degree in Biology. I graduated cum laude with a 3.46 gpa. Majority of my science classes i received A's and B's. However, the first 4 year college I attended, I was going through a lot of family and financial issue which caused my grades to drop. I have alot of C's, D's, and F's on that transcript. But once i transferred, I got A's in all those classes. Would that still hurt my chances of getting into PA school.

Also, I dont have any direct patient care experience. But I do work as a scribe have strong recommendation letters and research experience.

Any advice would help. Thanks


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Aug 25, 2001
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3.46 is just about avg for pa school (last yr, avg all programs was 3.51). no hce is a big problem. many quality programs count scribe as shadowing only, which is basically what it is. research also is generally not considered HCE.
if you are serious about becoming a PA, get some real HCE for at least 1000 hrs, preferably 2000 hrs. good luck.