chances at allopathic medical school

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Jul 14, 2011
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hi i am a junior at tulane wondering what my chances are for allopathic medical schools next year to be clear i am not intested in DO programs and I am planning on applying to a minimun of 40 MD seeking schools in the US , please give me your recomendations both on my chances and certain schools i should consider, also i am a lousisana resident and my dream school is LSU-Shreveport , please let me know what you think attached is my resume:

• Previous experiences in five research labs
• 200+ hours of community service

Tulane University
Neuroscience Major Current
• Scholarship
• GPA 3.4 and 33P MCAT

Southern Methodist University Spring 2010
Double Major Biochemistry and Economics

Loyola University New Orleans Fall 2009
Major in Chemistry

C.E. Byrd High School May 2008
• GPA 3.8
• Graduated top 10% of 2008 class
• Top Jacket Byrd High School – Mentoring Program for freshman

Undergraduate Researcher
Tulane Medical Center October 2011-Current
• Mentor: Dr. Sam Lehrer
• Research in Immunology

Undergraduate Researcher
Tulane Medical Center September 2010 - May 2011
• Mentor: Dr. Yumei Feng
• DOCA Salt Expression Effects on the perenial receptor site in relation to hypothalamtic tissue/ DOCA Salt Studies on hyper-tensive expressive mice in renin and pro renin studies

Undergraduate Researcher
Tulane Medical Center August-December 2009
• Studying Ovarian Cancer research through the analysis of peptide receptors in conjunction with macrophages derived from human adipose tissue
• Mentor: Dr. Aline Betancourt

CASMINS Researcher (Care of Collin College)
Baylor Health Sciences Center December 2008-March 2009
• Cardio - myopic research through DNA sequencing
• Mentor: Dr. David Roe Wood through Dr. Ding’s lab

Research Assistant April 2007-June 2008
Louisiana State University Health and Sciences Center, Shreveport, LA
• Selected for Biomedical Research at LSUHSC Shreveport through the S.M.A.R.T. program
• Currently working on paper “Correspondence between Collagenic Type IV and the Inter-relativity of the Pericellular Matrix of Laminin”
• Intel Talent Search Participant with research
• Mentor: Dr. Kevin McCarthy

Ochsner Hospital New Orleans, LA February 2011 - Current
• Assist in basic patient care tasks. IE: medical observation, suture work, setting IV's

Volunteer August 2011 - Current
Sexual Aggression Peer Hotline and Education (SAPHE) program Tulane University
• Confidential help program for sexually assaulted students

Global Volunteers - Balard, Romania May 2011
• Worked with mental and physically handicapped children
• Cases ranging from hydrosyphala to E.B.
• Worked in the ER and helped suture wounds

Volunteer/ Participant Spring Break 2010
Habitat for Humanity Gulf Port Reconstruction Build via United Way
Youth Director: Steven Christi
Lauren Abby habitat leader

Habitat For Humanity, Shreveport, LA Summer 2010

Habitat For Humanity, New Orleans, LA 2009

Math and Science Tutor/Volunteer
Urban League College Track, New Orleans September-December 2009

YMCA Camp Forbing 2005-2006
• 200+ community service hours

Eagle Scout/ Participant
Boy Scouts of America Troop 9, Shreveport, LA 2003-2008
• Eagle project – Rebuilding flower beds at Providence House- a Shelter for Women and Children
• A member of the scouting service and honors society known of as Order of the Arrow
• Senior patrol leader of troop 97 as well as assistant patrol leader
• BSA Lifeguard Certified
• Red Cross Lifeguard Certified

Violist, Violinist, Cello player, Guitar player 1997-2009
Various organizations and schools
• Auditioned with a Viola selection before panel of professional musicians and was selected for the Talented Arts Program (TAP) in the Caddo Parish Schools (unable to participate due to scheduling)
• Played with the Arklatex Youth Symphony
• Past assistant principal position with the Byrd High School Orchestra
• Principal position of violist in the orchestral accompaniment to Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella for the Byrd High School
• Performed with Centenary College Orchestra

Team Member
Soccer 1995-2008
• Played for 14 years
• Latin club
• Junior Classical League Secretary - Captain Shreve High School


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Sep 23, 2007
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First of all none of your HS stuff matters unless you continued it in college or it's research w/pubs. Did any of your research lead to pubs with your name on it? And your HS GPA/coursework doesn't matter at all unless you took college classes while in HS. All that matters is your college GPA (overall and BCPM), MCAT, and EC's done while in college unless you started the EC earlier and continued it in college (so no Latin Club, Boy Scout, soccer, violin, etc.)

Your MCAT is good but your GPA is low. What's your BCPM GPA? I would definitely apply DO though....your app is far from a guaranteed MD acceptance IMO.


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Aug 15, 2009
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Based on your 3.4/34, I think you have anywhere from a 60 to 75% chance of getting into a school if you apply to 10 - 15 schools.

These numbers will change depending on how many extra you apply to, where you apply, and of course, ECs which I am not qualified to judge.

The 3.4 is kind of low (3.5 is pretty much the low end of the "comfort zone" for GPA these days) but the 34 should help make up for it a little.

Good luck. :D


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May 6, 2010
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40 schools? Looks like you are gonna have a ball with this 2ndaries.
Honestly, 40 is way too much. Your stats are good enough that you can apply to around 20 schools you really want to go to. Half or more of the schools may not even fit your "character." Schools look for these aspects when you complete the 2ndaries and on the interviews.
Long story short, apply broadly to ~20 schools you really want to go to.