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Chances D.O.


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Jun 6, 2017
  1. Medical Student
    Hi guys, I have average experience and shadowing, nothing crazy, a 3.77sGPA, 3.91 overall, and am scoring 501-507 on Kaplan practice tests, just scored 509 on AAMC 1. Take the Mcat July 22.

    Basically, what are my chances with the upper, middle, and lower range for these scores, and anybody have any D.O. schools that they think would be a good fit?

    If I score 505-510, should I feel very good about my chances? Conversely, if I score a 500, how likely is admittance (or at least securing a few interviews)?

    I just really am not familiar with exactly what it takes to get into an osteopathic school, and there aren't a lot of collated numbers available online.

    Also, any MD schools in mind if I score in the upper range? I really do feel that an osteopathic program or a rural/primary focus Md school is the best fit for me. Also love the Midwest, but would be willing to try anywhere (it's the school, not the place that matters).

    *didnt take biochem, but took cell bio and a number of other upper level courses



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    May 2, 2015
    1. Medical Student
      What did you score on the MCAT? Do you think an MCAT of in my upper range is worth applying broadly to MD schools in August? Im sort of considering hedging my bets and spending what I can on D.O. applications

      For anonymity my score was btw a 504-507. Yes I think its worth applying to some MD schools if you score 505+. Invest in MSAR. Focus primarily on DO though
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