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Dec 21, 2008
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I'm a third year year pre-med student. I'm concern with my g.p.a.
I will like to apply to D.O. or podiatry schools, but I have gotten some bad grades in my pre-requesite courses, some repeat and deletes and 2W's.

Ino. Chem C, C
O. Chem 1st semster F, then repeat got a C, 2nd semester C
Biol. 1st semster F, then repeat and got C, 2nd semester B
Physics A, A

I repeat and deleted two more classes.
Calculus 2: got D, repeat got a B
Quatitative Chem: got D, repeat got A

I also had 2 W's.

My science g.p.a. currently 2.8
Cummulative 2.9
Non-science 3.3

I haven't taken my MCAT.

I will apply in 2010. By that time, with a lot of effort I can get my science maybe to a 3.1, and cummulative to a 3.2. I know I can get above a 25 on the MCAT. I'm a latino, or minority. I have volunteer in a hospital for a year and done about 500 hours. I have done research in Ino. Chem for the last 2 years.

Would anyone please let me know if I have any chances to get into one of the schools above if I applied in 2010. Or even better what schools should I applied to. Thank you so much for your help!


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Apr 4, 2007
A link to the DO "What are my chances?" thread is here:

It seems to me that even if you get a competitive MCAT score for DO medical schools, you need to demonstrate you can succeed in the academically-intense environment of a med school. In my opinion DO adcomms will want to see 1.5 year of sustained good grades from you. Happily, you have that much time before you intend to apply. I don't know how they will feel about the fact that you have Cs in some of the prerequisites after you retook the class. You'll need to ask in the Pre-Osteopathic forum mentioned above. The average student accepted to a DO school has an MCAT of 24 and a GPA of 3.4. If you get your GPA to 3.2 with an MCAT of 25, as you suggest in your post, then I think you have a shot at getting in with your clinical experience and above average research experience.

For information on applying to Podiatry school, you might also like to visit the Pre-Podiatry forum of SDN at:
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Dec 21, 2008
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Mobius 1985,

Thanks for the advice. I'll try to get as many As as possible, and do really well on the MCAT. I still have HOPE!
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