Chances of getting into DPT?

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Apr 8, 2022
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I have recently had a bad semester. Out of my two semesters total, being exercise science and doing pre reqs for pt school. So far I have an A in A&P 1 and all biology classes and stats. But recently I have had a hard time being motivated and getting to my classes for my major. For my first two semesters I had a cumulative gpa of a 3.4. This semester I have all b’s and one c. What are the chances I can come back from this and still be competitive for pt school?

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You are still above 3.0 GPA, so you are fine. The closer you get to 3.0, the less competitive you become. As long as you keep your GPA at least 3.0, you will get a chance. The higher your GPA is, the better chance you have to get to a cheaper = more competitive school.
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For my first two semesters I had a 3.42 cumulative GPA. Made the necessary adjustments and was accepted into all of my programs. You have time and if it makes you feel better, some schools focus on the last 60 credits/grade trends. You're still early in your academic career you can definitely bounce back.
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I had a 3.01 cGPA. It took me 3 admissions cycles but I was accepted to 2 programs (1 of which didn’t do interviews) last cycle! As long as your GRE is competitive and your interviews go well, you should be fine!
I applied to DPT schools this past cycle with a 3.12 cGPA. My GPA was low because I did poorly my freshman and sophomore year of college, but was able to earn over a 3.5 semester GPA for each semester in my junior and senior year. I was accepted into one school (which I have made the decision to attend), and have been extended interview invites with two other programs (which I will not be accepting to as I have already made a final decision). As long as you make sure that you are choosing programs where you meet the requirements you should be okay! Don't stress about it too much!
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