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Jul 4, 2014
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I am a resident of Pennsylvania (not that it will increase my chances or anything) so I would like to go to a school in Pennsylvania. With a GPA of ~3.3, what DAT score would I need to compensate for my low gpa? I know schools perform a holistic evaluation but I am just speaking in terms of academics. Also, I know that the best DAT score ever is still not a guarantee so I'm just looking for a range of DAT scores to have a good chance of getting in.



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Apr 29, 2013
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From 2014 ADEA guide:

sGPA/oGPA: 3.62/3.67 (2.3-4.1/2.8-4.1)
DAT (AA/PAT/TS): 21/21/21 (17-28/17-30/17-30)

Your GPA is probably a few std deviations lower than the norm, so if we're only talking about stats, you would want to target a DAT that is a few std dev. above. My totally unscientific ballpark estimate would be around a 24. My credentials to make that assessment: none.
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