Chances of MD admission

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Mar 14, 2010
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I'm currently a Junior planning on taking the MCAT September 3rd of this summer.

After Winter 2010, I have a 3.35 cumulative and a 3.3 science cumulative. This may very well be the worst part of my future application! However, the worst grades are from freshman, fall of sophomore year, then it's a clear upwards trend.

I have done volunteering with a hospice about 30 hours. I'm currently volunteering in a children's hospital, but I have just started so I only have about 10 hours or so.

I have shadowed and volunteered out-of-country in a hospital and a village. I was there for 3 whole months about 8 hours on weekdays.

I have no research as of right now.

Considering all of that, what must my MCAT goal be to make-up for the low GPA?

Will taking the MCAT late as September put me at a disadvantage than taking it earlier?

Should I take the MCAT this September but wait until next summer to apply (so I can use Fall and Winter semesters to raise my GPA even more)?

Should I postpone the MCAT until next summer and just take summer classes to help my GPA (summer classes + fall + winter means more of an increase in GPA)?

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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Do not apply this summer. There are too many weaknesses in your application. Get your GPAs as high as possible first. Take upper-level science classes to raise your BCPM/sGPA. If you've completed all the prerequisites and can dedicate much of the summer to studying, then a September MCAT date if fine, with a plan to apply in June 2011. If your cGPA is 3.4, aim for a 33+ for MD schools, and a 27+ for DO med schools.

Get the research going if you plan to do it (60% of applicants list it). Even a semester's worth helps. A year is average.

The average applicant has 1.5 years of clinical experience with 150 hours total. I suggest you try to get 60-80 hours of shadowing split among three docs. Non-US docs can be added to the total but should not stand alone.

You might also want to get some US nonmedical community service hours in over the next year. Adcomms like that, and you want to strengthen every component of your application to make up for the nonstellar GPAs.