Feb 27, 2015
I know that SDN is a small community in comparison to the applicant pool, but I can't help but feel anxious seeing the amount of people who are receiving interview invites already (most have mail out dates in June or July). I'm concerned about whether or not I'd get a Pre-December interview as well.

AADSAS just verified my GPA today (8/29/16), so my application probably won't be mailed out until ~9/2/16. AADSAS has all my transcripts and LORs, so I'm just waiting on them to mail out my app. My stats and the schools I applied to are listed below. Can anyone shed some light on the likelihood of getting Pre-December interviews for an applicant verified/mailed out in September? Thanks!!

DAT: AA 21, TS 21, PAT, 21, QR 21, RC 20, BIO, 21, GC 21, OC 20
GPA: BCP 3.57, Science 3.59, Total 3.49
Applying to 14 Schools: UCONN, BU, Tufts, Maryland, New England, Rutgers, Columbia, NYU, Touro, Case Western, Temple, UPENN, Pittsburgh, Virginia