1. W

    AMA for Pre-dentals Going into this cycle.

    Hey everyone, I wanted to offer out some help to those who want it. Currently I am bored and home for the summer. Therefore, to entertain myself and help others I decided to do an AMA on applying, interviews, traveling to interviews, December 1st, pre-December and post-December interviews...
  2. M

    Only had 3 interviews so far, should I expect more or nah?

    I had three interviews so far but it's already midway into November. Should I expect any more interviews realistically or no? Schools I'm waiting on include VCU, Stony, Buffalo, Boston University, UPenn, Temple. Thank you.
  3. B

    2016-2017 When to FAFSA when interviewing?

    Ok, so I've used the search function (UTSF), the google machine and my pre-med adviser to no avail... When are we supposed to file our FAFSA now that we can in October? I have one acceptance, a bunch of interviews scheduled and some I'm still waiting to hear back from. My pre-med adviser told me...
  4. M

    Rocky Vista College of Osteopathic Medicine Utah (RVUCOM-SU) 2016-2017

    I thought it might be nice to have a thread specifically for the Utah Campus. Please post your opinions, concerns, or excitement about interviewing or matriculating to RVUCOM-SU. Hopefully some discussion between us all about the campus will help us think clearly about the pro's and con's of...
  5. Glommy

    *** 2016-2017 MD/PhD Acceptances ***

    Edited to reflect lack of official decision. Post your acceptances here! DO NOT ERASE THESE INSTRUCTIONS! 1) click reply on the most recent list 2) delete the QUOTE tags on the top and bottom 3) add your user name, (Interview date, Acceptance date, any other pertinent info, and if needed, add...
  6. Kasper1000

    *~*~*~* Osteopathic Acceptance Thread 2016-2017 *~*~*~*

    Here's the idea: let's try something slightly different this year. Instead of only a list of usernames and acceptances, it occurred to me that a few years ago, I would have loved to see people say what they thought were their reasons they couldn't get accepted and/or shouldn't try. What did you...
  7. wheezelaugh

    Chances of Pre-December (~October) Interview

    I know that SDN is a small community in comparison to the applicant pool, but I can't help but feel anxious seeing the amount of people who are receiving interview invites already (most have mail out dates in June or July). I'm concerned about whether or not I'd get a Pre-December interview as...
  8. JJRousseau

    PhD-to-MD/DO 2016-2017 Applicants

    Hello, I thought it might be nice to have a thread for those of us who have gone and done the silly thing of doing the PhD before medical school. For some of us, this was a decision to seize an opportunity and for others it was a discovery of the love of medicine during the PhD. At any rate...
  9. GaStu1994

    What are my chances for EDP at MCG?

    Applying for the Early Decision Program at the Medical College of Georgia, for the 2016-2017 application cycle. – AMCAS submitted 6/7/2016. Verified 6/8/2016. – MCAT: 511 (124/130/127/130) – cGPA: 3.74 – sGPA: 3.63 – Undergrad: BS, Biology; AS, Chemistry (graduated 2016 from a state university...
  10. Alienman52

    School with Secondaries on their Website

    Howdy all, I was thinking that we could make a thread with a list of schools who have their secondaries on their website, so that people who've applied to these schools dont just wait around for nothing. I'd hope that most of these schools would email applicants saying that their primary has...
  11. N

    When is too late for applying for fall 2017

    When I planned my application process and mcat scores, I did not realize there was a thing as too late. After all with most school deadlines in October, I assumed I would have as equal chances as any other applicant no matter when I applied. I am in my application process right now, but I'm...
  12. Alienman52

    ***The Official 2016-2017 Osteopathic Underdawgs***

    Hi all, I've noticed that there are plenty of threads from around 2011+ with people listing their stats as underdogs with respective acceptances, interviews, time of verification, etc. I was wondering if someone had made a thread like this for the 2016-2017 application cycle, as those previous...
  13. Jamdalf

    Volunteer Hours Concern

    I am applying for medical schools this summer. I have a reasonable MCAT (514) and strong GPA (4.0), I have research experience, and I was fairly involved on campus in my undergad (various club officer positions and tutoring science). I shadowed quite a lot as well (over 100 hours). My volunteer...
  14. B

    2016-2017 updated Dr Collins and Kaplan book for sale

    Hello everyone, I am selling a brand new 2016-2017 Kaplan pcat book and the 2016 update for the Dr Collins PCAT. Both are brand new and have only been opened and examined once. Unfortunately, I am unable to return either one since I missed the return deadline. So, I have to try and resell both...
  15. E

    Study Materials PCAT 2016

    So as many of you may know the PCAT is changing starting in July 2016. I'm interested in finding out if there is a difference between Dr. Collins 15-16 version and the 16-17 version being that verbal ability is now removed + more passage based questions associated with Chem/Bio. Do you think...
  16. Alienman52

    DO DO Chances: 3.31c, 3.28s, 501 MCAT

    Howdy, finally my turn to give this a shot. Please let me know what you think my chances are with the following details: Race: White Male. College: I attend a top tier liberal arts college in PA. I am a NY resident, however. Major: Biochemistry GPA trend has been fairly decent (Semester System)...
  17. KPstudent

    Most Cut-Throat Medical Schools

    Hi everyone! As the 2017 AMCAS apps opened today, I'm really trying to nail down a list of where to go. My question is, what schools are the most cut-throat, which schools rank their students, etc. I am smart and went to a competitive undergraduate and do NOT want this kind of environment in...
  18. U

    Midwestern University Downer's Grove MBS 2016-2017

    Hey everyone. I was accepted to Midwestern's MBS (2 year program) starting August 2016 and was wondering if there was anyone else out here on SDN who was thinking about applying, sent in their application, placed on hold, or accepted or anything in between lol Feel free to chime in. Maybe we...
  19. P

    Minimum GRE score, but awesome everything else

    GRE: V=151, Q=152, W=4.5 GPA: 3.91, Major: Health Science/Minor: Chemistry Hours in PT experience: 150+ Worked as an assistant for 1 year with medical school professor who teaches rheumatology. Gone on 2 medical mission trips to Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. Volunteer experiences, Global...
  20. Ollivander

    2016-2017 ADEA Guide

    When will it be released? Thanks in advance.
  21. 7

    School list for first-time applicant

    Hi all, applying for the first time after taking two years off after college. Can someone look over and comment on my school list? Looking to keep it between 15-20 schools. LizzyM 74-76 balanced experiences, a little shadowing. California resident UC Irvine UC Davis UC Los Angeles UC...
  22. N

    Rutgers GSBS MBS Newark 2016-2017

    Hello Folks, I was just accepted to the Rutgers MBS Dental Scholars Program. I am still waiting to hear back from Tufts, Regis, and Tulane Biochem masters, but right now I am leaning toward Rutgers. I would love to connect with some others who are planning to attend this program as well. Does...
  23. deez_md

    MD/PhD: multiple red flags dating 5+ years. Reapplicant. Please read and advise. Thank you!!

    I apologize in advance for the length, but the text is important to supplement my questions below. For those reading, thank you for your time. I am planning on reapplying this coming cycle as an MD/PhD (I applied for 2015 entry as MD). Reason for my rejections I found out through my interview...
  24. Jared Sharza

    Temple BCMS 2016-2017 Applicant Thread

    Haven't seen a thread for the most recent BCMS applicant thread so I wanted make one to keep in the loop with other current applicants. 21 yr old senior UG student 3.74 GPA (will be increasing after this semester) D3 athlete 100+ hours volunteer "Third" with local EMS 80 hours shadowing in ER...
  25. ToyaR

    2016 Meharry MHS Program 2016

    I started this forum to keep all of us posted on what is going on with the people who were denied from the 2016 Medical/Dental class. However, they were being considered for the MHS program that is invitation only. My letter said I would hear back in Mid- March. Has anyone gotten any updates?
  26. GatorBoots

    Touro-CA MSMHS 2016-2017

    Good Evening Ya'll !! New to SDN. Couldn't find a thread about the MSMHS Program at Touro-CA so I decided to get the ball rolling :) Almost done with my application. Should have it sent in in the next 2-3 days. Waiting on the answers to a few questions I had about the application from Ms...
  27. Jesse2490

    Create D.O. School List/What are my odds?

    Hello I am posting this to get a feel of what I can expect in the coming year. I am applying exclusively to D.O. schools and I would like help choosing schools that are a better fit for me. My Stats: GPA Overall: 3.82 Science GPA: 3.71 MCAT: 499 Shadowing: 40 hours w/ a neurosurgeon...
  28. R

    PGY-5 opening / transfer into UMMC, 2016-2017

    UMMC (Jackson, MS) Radiation Oncology residency program is offering a residency position available on 1 July 2016. PGY-5 candidates will have preference. Current radiation oncology residents should contact Hope Kennedy at [email protected] and submit C.V. and cover letter outlining desire for...
  29. Driven_Docta

    What are my chances for the 2016-2017 cycle?/Should I retake MCAT?

    Hello everyone, This is my 1st post on SDN so forgive me for my ignorance if this isn't the proper location to post such a question. Also, only respond if you're willing to offer constructive criticism please. So here's my situation: 3.43 cgpa + 3.3 sgpa undergrad with extremely strong upward...
  30. S

    Rosalind Franklin BMS 2016-2017

    Surprised no one has started this thread yet! Anyone apply already or planning to apply?
  31. WedgeDawg

    *~*~*~*~*~*Official Personal Statement Guide and Reader List 2016-2017*~*~*~*~*~*

    READ THE WHOLE OP BEFORE YOU POST. PLEASE. PLEASE? PLEASE. THANKS. :):):) === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === This thread is for this year's applicants (for the class of 2021) who are beginning to work on their personal statements. If you're...
  32. ImgEmHopeful

    2016 IMG EM App Thread

    Hey just hitting up all my fellow EM IMG hopefuls. I am a U.S. IMG . Just applied with a step1/step2ck/cs/us experience/citizenship. 250/259/pass1/U.S.cle/us-IMG I currently have 3 SLOEs from the same program. I'm doing one more ER rotation in October for a total of two EM rotations.
  33. T

    Non-JUPAS Applicants 2016-2017

    Hi, I am a Canadian undergraduate student who is interested in applying to CUHK and HKU. I haven't seen any threads for Non-JUPAS applicants 2016-2017, so I created this. Are there any students who have been successful with applying from Canada? It would be greatly appreciated if you can share...