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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by Worry Boy, Jun 1, 1999.

  1. Worry Boy

    Worry Boy New Member

    May 31, 1999
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    I have just finished my AACOMAS app. and was wondering what you think my chances are. My GPA is low (3.33) but I am an older student (27)and have demonstrated a strong commitment to provide svcs. to an underserved population (Native Amer) thru life experince, volunteer, and Internship. Several Docs have written very strong letters of support and my advisors feel I am a strong applicant. In addition I have been accepted into a highly competitve Pre-Med Summer program at UCLA Med. (I know Allopathic but I really want DO)
    Finally, my question is do you know of anyone with such a GPA actually getting into a CA school or any other DO schools??

  2. Gregory Gulick

    Gregory Gulick Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Nov 9, 1998
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    Worry Boy, you didn't state if that GPA was your overall or your science GPA. Basically, it really depends on how that GPA breaks down. If your overall is a 3.3, and your science GPA is a 3.5 or higher, then you have pretty good chances. If your science GPA is 3.3, it will be tougher -- but not impossible. Also, you didn't mention your MCAT scores and these carry a great deal of weight.

    It sounds like you have some good experiences that osteopathic schools will probably be interested in. These experiences will serve you well once you have a foot in the door (an interview). Of course, numbers still open that door.

    Good luck.


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