Cision Vision - lymph node grossing

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Looks great, but can you use the same/similar billing code as when using specimen radiography to assist with grossing breast excisions?

Might also be an issue with grossing station space?
Will this prevent the breast surgeons from sending 10 "sentinel" lymph nodes for frozen or will it make them send down 20?...

IMO it seems more useful for intraoperative purposes. I don't think I'd invest in something like this to identify nodes at the grossing bench...that's what I pay the PA to do...and whether they find a potential node via visual or palpable identification or some expensive machine, they're still going to send it through as a "possible node".

Large axillary dissections just don't happen as often as they used to, and for colon cases, I think nodes are easy enough to find unless it's post-treatment, in which case the PA is still going to send through fat for "possible node identification."
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