Grossing jails

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Apr 3, 2007
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So the post below was seen on Reddit. We as a field have to completely do away with these crappy programs who get free handouts for cheap labor.

“Beware, beware, path applicants, of the low-tier path programs.

Pathology can be a chill specialty, but this application season, don't underestimate how low quality some path programs are in terms of culture, scut work, education, personnel, and the overall department/hospital. Time and time again I hear stories of applicants who deeply regretted their match, who land in a place that spits them out 3-4 years later having known nothing but grossing, who ended up hating pathology because of their crummy experiences in the program.

Watch out for forced endorsements from residents about their program and vague descriptors about grossing/eviscerating on surg path/autopsy. Some will try to tout the fact that their residency program is "resident-run", this is a major red flag. It means they don't want to or can't hire PAs or supporting staff to do basic, clerical work nor even gross biopsies. Don't even get me started about the "grossing jails" found at some institutions.

Some will say, "you know what, residency is what you make of it, I'll go to this no-name program and I'll still be a fine pathologist". Then you'll realize you'll be fine only after 2-3 fellowships worth of re-education post-residency after 4 years of straight up abuse from your residency program.

Path applicant, beware.

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