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Apr 26, 2004
If I am not sure on opthalmology, would it be better to take ophthalmology early to see if I like it and set up research, sub-internships, etc. or would it be better to take it later after having done more rotations? Which rotations are a must before ophthalmology?


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Dec 19, 2003
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I assume you are talking about setting up your 4th year electives. As ophthalmology is an early match, you should definitely try and do your ophtho rotations as soon as possible (preferably first). Reason being, you will need to obtain rec letters from ophtho faculty and should be shooting for August submission of your SFMatch app. A conflict arises if you are also potentially interested in other early match specialties, such as ENT. If your other interests lie among regular match specialties, they can probably wait until you've had a taste of ophtho. Best of luck! :D
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