clinical internship site suggestions?

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Jan 25, 2007
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Hi all! I'm coming up to the point of placing a "special request" for my ortho and neuro clinical internship sites. Do any of you guys have suggestions for really great teaching hospitals or clinics that specialize in either of those areas? My number one priority is having a clinical instructor who actually cares and helps me learn. I'm not concerned at all with location, etc, as I'm single and don't have a lease on my apartment. Thank you so much, in advance, for any help you can provide!!! :D

PS - I'm so glad I decided on PT! I'm in my second year of school, and I love it (though it's tons of work!) :p

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Look up John Klune at University Medical Center in Tucson, AZ.

It is the only Trauma I hospital in the region and there are numerous interesting, one-of-a-kind cases.

John, himself, is the director of the in-patient acute staff and deals with everything and everyone. He makes rounds daily and once a week has "Clinic" with a neurologist, and together they treat and evaluate Muscular Dystrophy patients.

He is the best therapist, teacher, and person I have ever worked with.
Truth is, you may end up in a small no-name clinic/hospital with an excellent CI or a well-known facility with a really bad CI. It's just the luck of the draw. You can't choose your CI.

That said, when I was in PT school, teaching hospitals were very important to me and panned out well when I made my choices. Most hospitals tied with a medical school are generally thought of as good teaching hospitals as they have many students go through their system. So if you want to narrow your choices down, try looking up hospitals that have a medical school tied to it.

Also, it can take time to set up a new relationship with a clinic so start early and contact potential clinics/hospitals if your school doesn't already have an affiliation with them. Many places have affiliations with many schools and already have placements set for the next year.

Once you have an idea of places, talk to your DCE and see what they can do.
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Where do you go to school? I am in Montevideo MN and take students all the time. I think they learn a lot. Small hospital, mainly OP ortho, but some neuro, some home health, some SNF (ortho is 80%-90%). I am an ATC and also cover athletic events depending on the season. Housing is provided off campus, we have just completed construction on a new hospital. rehab has been in our new facility for one year.

PM me if you are interested.
I'm a complete web *******. I just now found this old post (which I didn't realize I'd ever gotten to "take") and saw all your replies. THANK YOU! I will be sending PMs. I really, really appreciate all your advice, everyone, and I promise I wasn't ignoring you!!! Thanks again :)