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Clinical Rotation Grades Vs. Board Scores

Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by Master Duron, May 7, 2007.

  1. Master Duron

    7+ Year Member

    May 6, 2007
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    Has anyone noticed that while overall students with high board scores get honors in rotations, a markedly high number of students that I know get super high board scores, have excellent research, good ECs, and LORs, but get slammed by bad evaluations in clinical rotations like IM and ob/gyn? I have heard too many stories (and witnessed) students talk about the guy/girl with ultra-high board scores and who got a very poor evaluation on IM or Ob/Gyn rotations, but got a good to excellent residency anyway. Are there any schools out there that standardized the clinical rotations, and give timely feedback so that student can improve and at least not get the "surprise" evaluation telling them that they only passed and weren't enthuasiastic or worse. . .?? The absurdity of subjective evaluations during clinical rotations makes me feel like I will stuggle to get a fair evaluation when I am working my hardest . . .
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  3. watermen

    watermen Member
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    Mar 1, 2005
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    Medical Student
    A lot of time from what I experienced...it is how well you present yourself in the rotation. You no need to be the student that can answer every questions that the attending ask, you no need to be the student that work the hardest...all you need is to make those people who evaluate you comfortable and give them a feeling that you are doing your job (whether or not you are really doing your job is not important), also you must give them a feeling that you know your stuff (you may not necessarily know)...and once they like you....you will get honor...so yes....hardworking + knowledge + patient satisfaction won't necessarily get you an honor.

    But if you are working for someone in the long run, then...hardworking + knowledge + patient satisfaction will almost earn you an honor... so it depends.

    Some students which i seen it with my own eyes...presented super nicely in front of the evaluator...they acted hardworking in front of them, acted to treat the patient nice, act interested...but behind the scene...they are not nice to the patient, they just won't put in extra effort just because the evaluator won't see it, so no point of doing it....etc....

    Sometimes...my classmates think that i should get honor...because they saw me doing my stuff, they know that i know my stuff..but the attending never know it...because i am really not a good presentor, sometime i really make myself look bad unnecessarily...only people who know me well will know it...but there is nothing i can do, i give up...i just want to be myself, not interested in grades anymore nowadays....and guess what i got in one of my evaluation, "student does not seems to be interested in grade"...oh my God..i don't what to say about that kind of comment....i know i do my job, i know my patients like me, and i m happy with that. Let God decide what lies ahead of me.

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