Club President as most meaningful activity?

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Oct 1, 2023
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Hi everyone, I'm applying to medical school next cycle and had a question. I have been the club president of a cultural club at my college since my 2nd semester freshman year. I have lead MANY volunteering and fundraising events with a large presence and large number of $$$ raised. I have had chances to bring in speakers who have the same culture as the club to various events to speak about their lives and how their culture has helped them in life (doctors, lawyers, professors, advocates, protest-organizers, etc). I have even brought in the UN Representative for this culture/country. This club leadership has allowed me to stem to many other of my activities and has really helped me build up my other pre-med activities. Can I use this position as one of my most-meaningful activities?

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I used my sorority president as an example and it worked for me
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Call it leadership. List the non-clinical volunteering separately if it served the needy. Fundraising is not as impressive and might be best folded into leadership.
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