don’t know what to prioritize as my most meaningful experience out of several great activities

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Oct 30, 2020
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Don't restrict thinking that the MME's in W/A are the only place to talk about meaningful experiences. Do your homework on the secondary prompts and/or identify interview opportunities to discuss the activities you leave out.

Fulbright can be an opportunity to discuss cultural competency (or in the professional competencies terminology: Cultural awareness and cultural humility). You can use it to think about how your perspectives can bring more diverse perspectives to your peers and professors.

Learn how comfortable you are to play the cards you are dealt. You won't always have a chance to play them all (this isn't Uno), but it's better to have more arrows in your quiver.
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I have taken gap years so I have a lot I want to highlight and don’t know which activities to prioritize as my most meaningful. I’m currently looking at 5 main activities (EMT, PCT, Fulbright research, my undergrad research lab for several years, and some legislative work i did in local government).

It’s going to be a red flag if I don’t highlight fulbright since it’s a fulbright and I also want to talk a lot about the cultural part which is important to my app. It’ll also be a a red flag if I don’t highlight my undergrad research lab for top schools since that’s what they value and i’m also getting a LOR from the undergrad lab + worked there for the entirety of my undergrad. The legislative work is super important to my app so I want to highlight that as well. But then I will not have a single clinical experience as my most meaningful for MEDICAL school which is also a red flag so I don’t know what to do
You have an embarrassment of riches and a "good problem."

The MMEs are not written in a vacuum. What's going into your PS? Other Impactful Experience?
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I would make sure that at least one of your MMEs is clinical, but otherwise this does not matter at all and it is not in any way a red flag to have not selected a particular experience for an MME. Also, just because you didn't choose something as an MME doesn't mean you don't get a chance to talk about it - you still write a description for every activity, and if it's truly that important to you I can't imagine it wouldn't work its way into your personal statement, secondary essays, and/or interview conversation.
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