Sep 1, 2015
Pre-Physical Therapy
Hello I know some DPT programs require college algebra or higher as a pre-req. I took Pre-calc at a Community college fresh out of high school when I was very bad at math. I ended up getting a D, and retaking it and getting a C. My question is as far as my Pre-req GPA goes if I were to take College Algebra now and get say an A would they take College algebra or pre-calc as my Math course that counts towards my pre-req GPA?


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Jul 19, 2015
Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre-Calc and College Algebra are different classes so only the College Algebra class would count towards your prerequisite GPA. However, your 2 attempts at Pre-Calc will be calculated into your pGPA, math GPA, and math/science GPA. Hope that helps. Goodluck!