Aug 11, 2017
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So my COMLEX is under 2 weeks away and I gotta say I'm feeling pretty alright about it!

My USMLE is scheduled in August, due to COVID, but that's okay. Once this happened I shifted my focus from UWorld to COMQuest. I have been making randomized all-subjects, all-disciplines 400 questions and do an 8 hour test weekly while sprinkling a single 40 question UWorld bank into every other day or every day, depending on the week. I have one more 400 question test left with COMQuest (Averaging 660 on these tests) and I have 900 UWorld questions left. I have all of COMBANK finished as I was primarily using it as a resource throughout all of 2nd year and then finished it shortly after the semester ended.

So my questions are:
1. What are additional OMM question banks I can access? I don't feel like COMQuest has very good OMM questions, idk why, that's just the vibe I get. I felt like COMBANK has much better. but I'm not sure if I want to re-do COMBANK OMM questions
2. Should I try to finish UWorld by my test? I don't know if doing full-lengths a week out would be helpful? I don't really wanna burn myself out.
3. How should I organize my week one week out?
- I definitely want to hit high-yield topics at this point so, maybe I should do subject-based tests on Uworld to target these?? Or should I continue doing just all-random-all-questions on UWorld 3-4 times a day, with intermittent sprinkling in of subject-based tests?
4. I have not done Zanki, First Aid, Sketchy, Pathoma, or any other board resource........ are there any I should look at last minute that you feel are worth it at this point? Perhaps something that is very big picture? Some topic areas I know I gotta brush up on are HIV medications, Hyperlipidemias, Diabetes Drugs, Chemo Drugs, RTAs

Aug 11, 2017
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For some reason, mine and many of my classmates had a VERY micro heavy COMLEX. I honestly think I could’ve passed my comlex if I just studied sketchy micro + sketchy pharm + knowing the basics of diseases. Definitely make sure to know your Micro for COMLEX.

I'll definitely be sure to know my micro! Yeah, just ironing out all the ssDNA vs dsRNA, linear, enveloped, etc. etc. for all the viruses is annoying haha. Some make sense, some don't.
Apr 18, 2020
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When I tried to ask for board prep help people on here attacked me for it. I won't do the same to you. Although Im not taking boards rn between my last post and now I spent time learning about what to use so ill try to help

1) A: Comquest, COMBANK, OMGOMT, Kaplan has OMM related questions. If you already did COMBANK and understand everything you missed I dont think you should re-do those. Even though comquest in your opinion might not have good questions there aren't many Qbanks for DO students to get help from. I would suggest doing comquest anyways. I dont know of anything else outside from these.
2) A. Did you not finish Uworld? this is concerning to me. Everyone who scored high on both boards said they went over Uworld at least twice. I suggest taking one full length before the actual exam and see what your scores are.
3) A. How should I organize my week one week out? My suggestion would be to look at your last practice tests, identify a pattern in the subjects you are constantly scoring low on and only focus on those areas
4) Def do Sketchy and Pathoma!!
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