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Nov 13, 2004
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There are different community based screening at the different colleges of optometry.

Many of the screenings include the use of near point testing, pin hole, diagnostics, color vision, stereo testing, prism, and spyg + steth.

Is the point just to finish a very fast overview to see how much of a need the person has for an actual exam? ie. prism = quick check on vergence ability, spyg + steth = see if they have high bp, etc

Also: can someone remind me of the results of a patient who fails color vision and stereo?

ie. I'm used to 8/8, 8/8, ishihara for color vision. But I dont remember how to document if they failed the color vision for one eye. If they fail one sheet, do I have to start from the beginning, and do all 16 for that eye? and is the new total 16+how much i got to?
Do I also need to record if they paused for different sheets?

for stereo: it's L,R,L, M, R, M, L, R, M, R I think for the dots....


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