Confused about sending in LORs to various app services?


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Feb 27, 2008
So, last year I had a committee letter...the writer told me that all 5 of my recommendations were excellent, and so I assume the letter was good (sent very late though). Now, it looks like I have to reapply, and the committee moved the deadline for a committee letter up by a few months, and so I've missed the deadline, unfortunately.

Onto this year, I know my writers will send in the individual letters whereever I need them to go. So I wanted to find out the easiest way to do this. If I use interfolio, I believe that I just email them through the site, they can print out a release form, and send the letters to interfolio. Then from there, I can upload them to AACOMAS/AMCAS. But my problem here is, should my LOR have my AMCAS/AACOMAS ID numbers on them? Or should they send 2 different ones with the respective numbers? Also, if I send them through interfolio, do I need to give the AMCAS LOR release form to anyone, or will the Interfolio website have that covered?

Another option I have is to just provide envelopes for all of the DO schools, and have them print out 10 copies of each letter and send them directly to the school. Then, have them send the letters straight to AMCAS, using the LOR release form provided by AAMC. Does this make sense, am I missing any steps here? Thanks!

(Oh, and then theres TMSDAS, but I'm not TX resident, haven't decided if I should try anyway)