Confusion about NAVLE score transfer to Texas board

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Feb 9, 2017
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Hello. Please help with advice. I have to transfer my NAVLE score to Texas vet. Board and I am confused, their website says that only the VIVA (part of the AAVSB) must be used to transfer my score, but the only option I see currently on the AAVSB website is VAULT Transfer Services, looks like they do only premium transfer, which is expensive, they don't refund... The question is, can I just go ahead and use this (VAULT services) OR I should find a different service through VIVA?
Thank you.

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Texas is part of the ICVA and they should be able to transfer your NAVLE score for a fee. Only the first state you have your score sent to is free. From online VIVA appears to be a service that you pay for to do some of the paperwork for you. I didn't see anything on the website that says VIVA has to be used, but I also did not register or create an account through the Texas licensing website. I would contact ICVA about having a copy of your score sent there, it may be cheaper than VIVA.