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Aug 8, 2003
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Has anyone had any contact from PDs? I had a rather personal email from UNM- and was surprised since I didnt think i particularly stood out there. I am just wondering if a similar email was sent to most applicants and so i shouldnt be feeling special at all.

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i've received 2 letters in the mail from PDs. I was very surprised to get them but very happy since they are my top 2 choices.
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I have gotten e-mails and written letters from my top two choices. One was UNM (letter from the chair, e-mail from the PD). The other was e-mail and letters from the chair at St Luke's, Bethlehem (PA). Haven't gotten any others, though.
I take my last post back, since I got my first contact today. It went to the effect of "we were wondering how you were viewing our program and how seriously are you considering attending our institution..."

and another one sent me a nice handwritten card stating that they will be in touch with me in Feb after all my interviews are done.
Have any of you been sending correspondences/thank you's to the programs prior to hearing from them??
Except for one program, yes. I sent all interviewers a thank you card with a little note. The challenge is writing something different on each card as many places will xerox the card and put in your file.
Yeah, I had also written all my thank you's before I heard from anyone. IMHO, it's a good idea to get it out ASAP, although I think the general consensus is that within two weeks is fine. I echo what GD said about trying to make them slightly different from each other -- wouldn't want them to compare notes and have them reveal your unoriginality...
I actually did not send any thank you letters. I remember two programs I interviewed at where the PD basically said he didn't give them a second thought..., now, I am starting to worry...i DO intend to send a letter of intent however...anyone else out there not send thank you letters?
What exactly do you put in a letter of intent? How is it different from calling the PD directly and telling him you want to match there?
I would call your top 5-7 spots and email them your strong interst in the program. These impressions are paramount as it adds points to your ranking.

A must do!!!
I think now is a bit late. i know that many of the programs i interviewed at have already made their rank list (in fact, one made is the day after their last interviews). so, seems to me like there's no point, now...or is there?