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Dec 2, 2004
I combed through the Cornell-Qatar website and aside from a small blurb in the FAQ, they do not advertise the fact that students wanting to return to the US will be FG.
I am really surprised though that they mention Med Students in Qatar will receive Cornell MDs. The only way I can see that happening is if Cornell gets a charter in Qatar. If they do not, I would assume they would hand out Cornell-NY MD's ?!!
This is very confusing to me as I decide if I want to apply to Cornell-Qatar.

Some more questions I thought I would put out there ?
1) Can a Cornell-Qatar Med Student transfer to Cornell-NY Med school ?
2) If the degrees given are Cornell-NY MD degrees and the transcripts all say Cornell-NY, aren't you defacto a Cornell-NY graduate ? Or am I simplifying it ?
3) If 2) is true then you have all the credentials of being a Cornell grad and the world is your oyster ? :O

I would appreciate any and all info on this topic.