Cost of LECOM-B and PCOM-Ga Secondaries ...??

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Oct 1, 2006
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I realised after having mailed in my secondaries for PCOM-GA and LECOM-B, that I forgot to put in the money with the applications. I looked throughout, and did not find anything in terms of paying a certain amount for their secondaries; however, im pretty sure that their secondaries are not free. Is PCOM-Ga and LECOM-B the same $50 as it was for NSUCOM?? Please let me know. Anyone who's goofed like I have, please tell me if it complicated the situation or if it didnt matter? could I simply call the schools and have them attain my credit card # and work it like that or must I send individual checks to the schools? Or do they want Money orders? What do they want and how much are their secondaries??

Dr. Inviz

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