Cost of living comparisons.

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    i'd be interested to see peoples opinions of how costs compared around the world. Pelase feel free to include prices from places other than the US, ie parts of the UK etc. And also the city you're in.

    In Adelaide, Australia
    (All prices in Australian dollars)

    Petrol: 92cents/ litre
    Milk 1 litre: $1.8
    500gm pasta: $1
    Loaf of bread $2.4
    Beef mince $8/kg
    Apples $4/kg
    Carrots: $1.5/kg
    Coke 1.5L $1.6

    Take away pizza $5
    Dinner out excluding wine: $30
    Bottle of decent wine: $7- $15
    Movie: $12

    2 bedroom house $200/week rent

    On the other side before tax a PGY1 would earn approximately A$55,000

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