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Aug 5, 2004
    So I'm taking CS on Thursday. Just a few quick questions:

    1) what's the deal with pens? do they supply one, do we bring our own?
    2) are the gloves in an obvious place in the room? and it's true that we can wear gloves OR wash hands, correct?
    3) I know we can write or use the comp for the note, but can we switch back and forth from one patient to another? (I find Neuro exams easier to draw quickly using a stick figure)?

    Thanks :)


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    Oct 6, 2002
      1) They will give you a pen, they won't let you bring in anything except your white coat and stethoscope. They will make you take off even your watch.

      2) I don't know whether the gloves were in the obvious place. I never needed to use them as I always just washed my hands and that's perfectly fine.

      3) You can switch back and forth between patients but once you start working on one you can't go back to writing note from computer or vice versa on the same patient. If you accidentally hit a computer key or something while writing note then you call proctor to fix it.

      They will show you the same video that's on the site at the orientation again. They will also answer any questions you might have. Good luck!
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