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Nov 27, 2016
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Calling anyone and everyone who will be attending CU Denver this May 2017! I've spoken with Lauren and she said that towards the end of February she will be creating a facebook group for all of us to get connected, but if anyone out there wants to connect sooner, I wanted to put this thread out there! I've already started to look at apartments and such in the Stapleton/Aurora/Lowry area and to get a better deal, signing on to something sooner rather than later would be beneficial! If anyone else is looking for roommates or places, message me. I'd love to get the ball rolling :)

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Deposit sent! Can't wait!! Although it doesn't give us a lot of time to try to find housing (especially for me, coming from the East Coast)!
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Can't wait to move out there in May! I have a friend in Aurora with a spare room, so that's where I'll be living. Looking forward to meeting everyone and connecting more soon :)
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I am (almost positive) that I will be living in 21 Fitzsimmons next year! I know it is a little pricier than surrounding areas, but I wanted to be close to campus while I get my bearings of the area and at least be comfortable as I know that the first year will have a lot of adjustments. I am looking for a roommate! The apartment I have my eyes on is a South facing apartment (so it will get lots of sun!) on the 4th floor. We would have separate bathrooms and rooms. Hardwood flooring. Balcony. Pet friendly. You can look up the apartment complex for all other amenities. The rent would be around $825 each plus around $50-$75 in utilities. If you are interested PLEASE message me! I don't want prices going up too much!! :)