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Jul 26, 2013
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Hey guys
If the job offer says full time $xx per hrs but doesn't say about how many hrs is it safe to accept as it is. When I called they said it's 40 hrs per week full time position with full benefits. I insist them to give me offer letter with specific hrs on it but they refused it. They said we can't change it. It's default full time offer letter

Any help appreciated

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I thought full-time meant 40 hrs/
Well there's nothing else you can really do is there? Looks like you'll have to take their word for it... it already says full time in the offer letter.
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I will take it back. it deosnt say full time but it says per hrs salary and says they offer benefit to their full time colleagues
You should expect 30 hours/week. That is considered full time at the chains. It's been this way for years now. I don't know what gives new grads the idea that they will have 40 guaranteed hours. Maybe if they graduated 10 years ago...
You can get 40 hours as an RXM.
Most average volume stores that I know of only have 2 pharmacists who each get ~42/week. Maybe if you are floating your hours could be low/inconsistent... but I know of areas where they can't even find pharmacists and floaters are working well beyond 40 hour weeks. It really just depends on the time of year and supply/demand.

If your offer doesn't say full time then nothing is guaranteed. I've seen people posting here who claim they have gotten 15 and 20 hour weeks at times. And like I said I know a floater who was pulling 65 hour weeks at one point and another who claims to average 55 all year long (though he does have to travel a lot to get it).
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