CW Post PsyD?

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Dec 15, 2011
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Hi all,
I am wondering if anyone out there has any experience/ thoughts about CW Post's PsyD program. I really liked it when I visited: everyone I talked to seemed really happy, the professors were passionate and enthusiastic and painted a very rosy picture of the program and how their students fared in terms of externship placements and internship. I also liked their dual emphasis on CBT and psychodynamic training. My concern, however, is with what I am seeing all over these boards with regard to PsyD programs and their cost, the bleak outlook for internships and how some of them are psychologist-mills and not very well respected. I am having trouble figuring out where CW Post falls on this spectrum and if people who have chosen it/ have not chosen if can provide any insight or are happy with their decisions.

Thanks so much in advance, you guys are the best!!
(I originally posted this in the Acceptance Thread but I think that was the wrong place :oops:)

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Looking at their website and outcome data, the overall internship match rates appear promising. More importantly, though, the APA match rates (other than 2007) are respectable, ranging from 75-93% with an average probably somewhere in the 80's. Also, the APPIC and APA match rates, while not identical, are similar, which would suggest the program strongly encourages its applicants to pursue APA internships.

Class sizes don't appear abhorrently large, although they seem to be getting gradually larger, which isn't a good trend to have. The majority of students finish in 5 or 6 years (although 14% took >7 years).

Overall, there's nothing about those numbers that would immediately scare me away. No idea what tuition rates are, though.
Good training but tuition will leave you 200k in debt when you are done. They are ridiculously expensive. Worse than most programs.