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Sep 4, 2003
I have seen threads on Gen Chem and Organic Chem, but none yet on how best to study for the biology section. I've read through the Kaplan blue book, but I'm just not retaining enough. My practice biology scores have been just plain bad. Any suggestions? Can anybody suggest any other books I could read through to reinforce my understanding of the DAT biology concepts (e.g. ExamKrackers)?
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Dec 27, 2003
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I took the DAT on Monday and there were quite a few questions
which were not covered in the Kaplan Blue Book. For some
reason, the Bio section that I took had quite a few questions
that specified a certain organism and how it was unique. There
were also several questions on the muscular system at a
cellular level. Anatomy class did wonders for that section!

I'd suggest using the Kaplan as a reference and hitting topics
that you're not sure of in a supplimental book. I'd say the Kaplan
can pretty much get you the 17-18 average scores, but will be
hard pressed to get you above that unless the questions happen
to work out right.


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Feb 20, 2004
There are some things the Blue Book lacks. Some of those things have been listed here in this forum (like Ecology). What I do think the Blue Book lacks is context. It has a lot of denitions and terms, but it's hard to understand the concept without more background material. So I think it always makes sense to study with a few undergrad texts like zoology and cell bio.

But here's my new question to everyone.

What does the Kaplan Blue Book lack? What topics should a future DAT test taker study to supplement the Kaplan Blue Book?

Here are a few. (Please feel free to add to the list)
Survey of Phyla in Animal Kingdom
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