Decent applicant, but late verification.

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Feb 29, 2012
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Hey I just got my MCAT scores and I'm done celebrating. However, my AMCAS/AACOMAS won't be verified until late September. I have a 3.72 gpa, and a 3.68 sgpa, and went from a 29M to a 32O on my MCAT (8/4/2012 take).

2 semesters of bio research, 2 semesters of psych research, 500 hrs of runaway youth street outreach (board of victims outreach of a nonprofit), 200 hours as a rape crisis counselor, and 70 hours GED tutor. 90 hours of physician shadowing, and 140 hrs of hospital volunteering.

I made a huge mistake of not applying to just one school on AMCAS/AACOMAS to just get verified. I CAN HANDLE IT JUST LET ME KNOWW :love:
Not too late for DO...But unsure about MD...You will probably get into DO if you are ok with the degree/philosophy.
You're fine.
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I think you will be just fine. :) For MD too. Your ECs are great!
When did you file? It's taking AMCAS about six weeks to verify from the application date. If you waited until you got your MCAT scores back, you're looking more at a mid-October verification, unless they speed things up. They were still verifying apps submitted in late July last week.
hey i submitted it around 8/15, after my 8/4 mcat i submitted it all. only read the mcat 8/4 thread and nothing else on sdn, so i really didn't know how it all worked. it should be verified in under 2 weeks.