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Oct 30, 2008
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I am currently in my first year of univeristy under the life sciences program and am interested in optometry. I've looked at schools of optometry in england and as well some in canada. it's three years undergrad and 4 years post grad in canada but in england it's 3 or 4 years, but it's a bsc optometry. What i want to do is go to england to finish my studies there. According to the international bridging program of uwaterloo, i would have t work an additional 2 years in england in order to come back to canada, write some credentail assessments, (according to how i write the assessment, either a 6 week or a one year orientation i would have to take to start practising in canada). Moneywise, the costs the academic paths throguh staying in canada and finishin optometry here or going to england sum up to about the same and my grades are at a desirable mark. My quesion is, would it be worth it to finish school there, obtain work experiance, then come back? as well it would be a good life style change, life experiance and everything. Can i also get some opinions from anyone who mite have taken this academic path or who have friends that have done so....................Thanks...........................
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