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Jun 6, 2016
Hello everyone,

I am a senior close to graduation (I have not graduated, yet) with about a 3.3 uGPA overall and have completed ~145 credit hours (some were AP classes, which seem to still count toward my total credits according to AMCAS). I would like to know your opinions regarding whether it would be better to delay graduation and take upper level science courses (some online calculator says I could raise my gpa to 3.4 in about 2 semesters if I maintain 3.8), OR to do an SMP program and try to excel there.

  • SMP advantages: (at Cincinnati) I can gain residency after the program completes, opening me up to a few more"in-state" schools, and that a 3.8 in med school classes may weigh heavier than a 0.1 increase in undergrad. Some other SMPs I'm looking at also have linkages to their medical schools, or offer time do conduct physiology research
  • SMP disadvantages: Can't begin until next fall and I don't want to apply to med school until i have grades to show. Meaning, I wouldn't apply to med school for another 2 years.
  • Advantages to delaying graduation: Cheaper (~$15k vs $40k), actually increases my uGPA rather than having an additional gpa

I applied late last cycle and was on the waitlist at my two state school until the day classes started, and I want to be sure to wait to apply until I have an application that will get me in. I scored a 510 on my MCAT, before I had taken physics 2, organic 2, physiology, or intermediary metabolism (biochemistry). While I believe I could score better, I would like to avoid taking it again if possible.
I also had low clinical exposure, which I am working on now. I am also working in for a biotech company and will likely have a paper or two in the next year or so.

I would like to hear any opinions, especially from those who have been in a similar situation.

Thanks for the advice.

Bonus: Does anyone know if I can have dual residency in the state where my parents live AND Ohio? (assuming I go to SMP there), it would be nice to have ~7 "in-state" schools to consider.


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Feb 11, 2014
New York
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Raising your undergrad GPA is going to help you a lot more than SMP grades which are considered graduate coursework. I would only do the SMP that has a linkage. SMP have the risk of backfiring if you can't do well. In sum, take the undergrad classes first and see how you do. If that is not enough then consider the SMP.
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