1. claner1

    First Job Interview - Questions to not miss?

    Hi all, Current PGY-3 here and starting to interview for general PM&R jobs after residency! The jobs I’m considering are all outpatient MSK/spine with USGI and EMG and minimal/no inpatient responsibilities. Mix of academics and PP. I have an idea of questions/themes to address during my...
  2. A

    Should I Delay Graduation?

    Hey everyone. I posted here a couple months back and got some really good advice, thanks again for that. It's time to register for what will be my final semester starting in January. My plan was to take the MCAT in May and apply immediately after, thus taking a gap year. But not I'm not sure if...
  3. A

    Publication/pmid article

    I have recently graduated from my internal medicine residency, however for our scholarly activity requirement our program has stated we need some sort of PMID article publication in order to complete residency. Mine has been delayed in acceptance and technically I don’t have a pmid article, but...
  4. pookey123

    Changes in Graduation Requirements

    How have your programs adjusted their graduation requirements? How much experience do you think you'll graduate with? Here is what Tufts has done as an example: (attached) Also, what percentage of students in your class plan to do residencies? I think it is over 50% for my school this year...
  5. L

    Graduating in 5 years

    Hi everyone, Do medical schools see it as something negative if I graduate in my undergrad institution in 5 years as opposed to 4 due to taking lighter classes per semester intentionally? Edit: This is my first time using SDN. So glad to join this community!
  6. Caffeine Matters

    4th year $$$ refunds and gifts

    I have heard several schools are giving their graduating students several hundred dollars in tuition reimbursement or graduation fund reimbursement!?!?! Any other 4th years getting some sort of gift or financial compensation? If so, please list: gift and school. Hopefully with enough data, we...
  7. tventurelli

    Coronavirus Impact

    Hello everyone! I am a fourth year at an accredited veterinary school wondering how other schools were handling everything, specifically fourth year students. Were the rest of your rotations cancelled and you will receive your diploma in May? Do you have to go back and make things up after you...
  8. Kodybanks

    Animals Hospital job openings in Metro-Detroit area, Reloaction assistance available

    Hey I have a great opportunity for you guys. A well established animals hospital in a suburb outside detroit is expanding and looking for SEVERAL veterinarians to fill positions. Either fresh grads or experienced vets, as well as students close to graduating looking for summer work. Relocation...
  9. D

    Graduation requirements and % of students staying after graduation

    Hello all, Just wanted to get a sense of your schools' graduation requirements and what is the most difficult category to complete. At Detroit Mercy (formerly UDM) crowns are proving to be a tough one this year with the 144 fourth years requiring only 8 each to graduate but many still...
  10. D

    Out of classes to take -> light senior course load. How will it look?

    Hi, I have 4 lab sciences left until graduation (16CR). I'm definitely not going to take them all at once, so my plan was to spread them out over the spring and summer semester. I'll take classes to get up to full time (12 credits), but taking a full 15 will likely require me to take...
  11. D

    Timing: Graduation, MCAT, Gap year?

    Hey all, thanks in advance! My Uni has an excess hours limit (132) and I have taken 110 of those already (Bio major, Chem minor, took some random international relations/French classes). I have 17 credits left to complete my major which sets me up to graduate this summer if I take a full...
  12. W

    Approximate Residency Start Date?

    Hello everyone! Am considering a vacation after I graduate, but in the event that I obtain a residency, approximately when do they expect residents to start? My anticipated graduation date is approximately 5/8/20. Yes it's a way off, but like I said, trying to plan things just in case. Has...
  13. L

    Compounding exam, NY licensure, Residency

    I want to apply for residency programs in New York, but as you know they require a third exam (in addition to MPJE and NAPLEX), that is compounding. That exam can only be taken in June and January (weirdly). I graduate end of june, and should be licensed by September 1 in New York. In order to...
  14. L

    NAPLEX, ATT, Residency

    If I get my official transcripts with degree proof by July 1 2019 (that's when my school can provide them), apply to a certain state board of pharmacy to get the ATT then do the NAPLEX exam, will I be able to be licensed on time for residency in the state? Usually residencies start end June or...
  15. K

    Graduating early

    I am considering graduating early (deadline September 28) but I hear back from the school I ED’d to October 1. I’m right at their average with a 510 and 3.8. I have interesting activities and had a decent interview, but the school seems more stats focused (ugh) The only classes I would take...
  16. N

    PANICKING during APPE rotations

    Just shy of a year from graduating from pharmacy school and feeling absolutely terrified. Most of my time on rotations has been spent watching other professionals in their fields--doctors, veterinarians, even nurses--thinking I should have done that instead. I feel like I've never disliked...
  17. F

    Can IMG apply for Match With out Graduating

    Hi i am an IMG and i have 1 month left of Internship until i graduate my question is can i apply for the Match on Sept 15 of this year and then graduate and go to interviews. Thanks in advance this this will greatly help in my prepration.
  18. L

    Taking classes after graduating BUT NOT IN A POST-BACC program?

    Hi! I never really post on here so I don't know if this has been asked/answered before, so sorry. I'm a 3rd year and I plan on graduating next year. I've taken most of my pre-reqs already, because I require them to graduate for my major. However, I don't have time for some random requirements...
  19. J

    Electives after graduation

    Hi all ! I applied last year for electives in several places and managed to get three electives in University Hospitals from August - October. I am graduating in June this year from med school (usually we are issued diplomas only in December or January every year). I really want to do these...
  20. D

    Advice for New Graduates: A Recap

    Here's a recap of our "Advice for New Graduates" series. Tag your favorite soon-to-be graduate! Advice for New Graduates: A Recap
  21. Dr.Hancock

    Graduating in June

    So I'm graduating in the middle of June, specifically June 16th. When was your first official start date of residency, when you had to submit your medical school diploma and transcripts and all that document. Just wondering if my program starts early before I physically have my degree in hand...
  22. S

    Graduating in 3.5 years to work my last semester--is this okay?

    Hi everyone, I'm a junior, applying to med school this cycle. I'm getting my BS in neuroscience, and will finish all classes required for my major this semester. All I need left is to work on my research thesis next semester (Fall 2018). Instead of taking fluff/filler classes next Spring (2019)...
  23. A

    Summer Graduation

    Hey guys, This might vary from school to school, but I was hoping someone can help me with this; I will be graduating summer of 2018 and my official transcript which states that I have graduated will be released in August. Will that prevent me from joining Dental school? Will schools require my...
  24. C

    delay graduation or go SMP

    Hello everyone, I am a senior close to graduation (I have not graduated, yet) with about a 3.3 uGPA overall and have completed ~145 credit hours (some were AP classes, which seem to still count toward my total credits according to AMCAS). I would like to know your opinions regarding whether it...
  25. SOAPsucks222


    I Go to UT Austin. So at this point, i can either graduate in 3 more semesters or 4. my first 2 are really flexible, but it comes down to my last 1-2. IF i wish to graduate in 3 semesters, my final semester will be as follows: physical chem (3 hours) physical chem lab (1 hour) analytical chem...
  26. D

    Does your program allow you to take the NPTE prior to graduation?

    Hi everyone! I attend a school in the midwest and at this time we are not allowed to take the NPTE on the April test date as we don't graduate until May. I know myself and some of my classmates are motivated to find a job/travel position right after graduation and it would really be a setback...
  27. chemdoctor

    Graduating Early?

    So I just finished my freshman year. I have like a 3.72 GPA, taking summer courses and volunteering. I was wondering, I'm class of 2020 btw, how beneficial would it be for me to graduate early? In 2019 spring and then do a one year Masters program? In four years, I'd get a BS and a Masters, and...
  28. J

    MPH Questions Regarding Pursuing a Master in Public Health and School Choices

    Hi! I applied to MPH programs and got into CUNY's NYU's, and BU's MPH programs. I'm also considering to apply to GW's MPH program. My current interests are in either community health or global health. Which school out of the 4 would be better suited for my interests? Also, I have questions...
  29. R

    Grades aren't great.. do I still have a chance?

    So, I am a current High School Senior. At the end of my junior year I decided that my senior year I was going to Dual enroll at a college and my college credits I was taking there will also count as the remaining high school credits I needed to graduate. Well now I'm in the spring semester and...
  30. H

    Public Service Loan Forgiveness 2017

    OK 4th year students about to match and blah blah blah. Time to think about loans and debt. What is the current status of PSLF? I'm seeing differing information on whether PSLF money that is forgiven at the end of the 10 years is actually taxed or not. Is there a cap on the amount of...
  31. joe7456

    3.58 GPA, MCAT: N/A, Extracurriculars- help please

    Hi, I am a white male student. I would love to hear from you guys on suggestions on what to do during my gap year? I will apply to medical school Summer 17'. Current GPA is 3.58, but I graduate this fall from UGA. MCAT: not taken yet, but I would be grateful for advice on how to tackle this...
  32. K

    New MCAT and Pre-med Courses

    Hey, guys. I'm currently trying to figure out which classes to take before I take the MCAT without stressing myself out too much. This is my current "situation": Next semester, I'll be a junior, and I've been advised that because of this, I should take the MCAT sometime in the winter of...
  33. P

    Planning on Graduating in Summer 2017 - is it still possible to go to med school in Fall of 2017 ?

    I am currently planning out my courseload for the next year, and I can either take 2 21-hr semesters or take some classes next summer. Is it possible for me to matriculate in the fall of 2017 if I fill out my applications this summer and graduate in July of 2017? Thank you!
  34. N

    Taking NPTE Prior to Graduation

    Hi! Okay so I am trying to get more information on taking the NPTE prior to graduation. I am finishing my second year of PT school in CA, which I know is a state that does NOT allow you to sit for the boards before graduating. However, I am planning to go into travel therapy as a new grad. I am...
  35. P

    Graduation Announcements

    I've heard of people including some sort of indication of where they plan on attending dental school in their undergrad graduation announcements. Curious if anyone has done this and how they went about doing it.
  36. chevelle1969

    Premed Classes taken after graduation

    I was curious to see if anyone knows if it is a huge ordeal to take a 2 required premed classes after graduation. I plan on taking them at a different University for financial reasons I really don't like to get into. I plan on taking Physics II and General Biology II. I have checked the course...