For Sale Dental DAT study materials - 2015 Kaplan blue book, full DAT destroyer pack

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Jul 8, 2015
I'm looking to sell my DAT study materials. I have a Kaplan 2015 blue book, along with the full DAT Destroyer pack from Dr. Romano. I never used the math destroyer so it has no marks in it. The Organic chem odyssey book I used through page 72 and has pencil marks when doing the review questions. You could erase them before using it if you wanted. The Dat Destroyer book (organic/gen chem/bio/qual) also has a lot of pencil marks on the questions (right answers circled, etc). Again, you could erase them prior to studying or cover them up as you answered. The Kaplan book has similar marks around the problem questions, not as many though. I don't even know what to ask for all of this, so please PM me an offer if you are interested. Shipping will probably be around 20-25$ since it is a lot of paper to send. I will also include about 1500 flash cards I used if you want them to help study. Lots of organic synth and misc bio stuff since that's what I had to study the most.




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