1. linhbach

    DAT Breakdown

    TL;DR - 26 AA, 27 TS, used DATDestroyer and DATBooster What’s up everyone, I just took my DAT on Tuesday and I scored pretty well. I prepared using a combination of DAT Destroyer and DATBooster. My study schedule consisted of: 5 weeks of the Destroyer + 3 weeks of Booster. Went through...
  2. D


    I took my DAT twice. The first time I strictly used Bootcamp, and the second I used Bootcamp, BOOSTER, and some of destroyer. My first attempt was not good. I think Bootcamp is a great resource for those who have forgotten certain subjects like GC & OC and need to relearn. Mike does an AMAZING...
  3. Rainbowsheep5

    2019 DAT Breakdown 30TS/28AA/26PAT

    My scores: PAT 26 QR 30 RC 24 Bio 28 GC 30 OC 30 TS 30 AA 28 Resources (comparisons and recommendations) - I used Bootcamp, Destroyer, Math Destroyer, Orgoman Organic Odyssey, Dynamite Bio notes, and PAT Booster - I went over the BC twice and the Destroyer twice -- I'm really not a genius...
  4. ChemistryDentist

    ChemistryDentist's 2019 DAT Breakdown (27AA/25TS/25PAT)

    Hi everyone! I've been a longtime lurker on SDN and have used a ton of advice from those in this forum, so I really thank you all a ton for everything. I'm writing this breakdown to give back for all the help I received, and to hopefully help some people who were more tight on money like myself...
  5. 1TrickUnicorn

    DAT Breakdown in 4 weeks (Scored: 26AA/ 30PAT)

    Hey everyone! I took my DAT recently and did pretty well for studying under 4 weeks. I thought it would be worthwhile making a thread for students who are in a time crunch and want to get the most out of their studying time like I did. Here is my score breakdown and how I prepared: PAT: 30 QR...
  6. D

    Study Breakdown Question/Ari's Schedule

    For those who have posted their study breakdowns, I noticed people were retaking bootcamps full-lengths two to three times and going over Destroyer problems two to three times. I am following Ari's Schedule and was wondering how you guys would fit that into the schedule? Did you extend Ari's...
  7. artist2022

    Forum Members DAT Summary, Tips, & Tricks

    Hi all! I think it would be helpful to have everything* that is useful in this forum put together in one easily accessible thread for everyone to use. I'll also be adding links to products so people know what sorts of materials are helpful for the DAT. Signing up to take the DAT: 1. Read these...
  8. E

    DAT DESTROYER advice ?

    alright so Ive been studying for the DAT for a couple months now and used DAT Bootcamp for review since its been well over 4 years since I took chemistry and 3 since I taken orgo. My question is how should you approach destroyer chem / orgo questions. I know everyone is different, but im...
  9. J

    DAT Study Materials

    These were the materials I used to study for the DAT. $200 for everything (Paypal), if you buy today I'll include my DAT Bootcamp subscription which expires Aug 3rd for free. I may also include access to my OneNote (all of my personal notes) for free if you're interested. Includes: CliffsNotes...
  10. ringofkeys

    22AA/21TS - w/o paying for subscriptions

    I took my DAT yesterday, and wanted to write this because I found it incredibly helpful to read basically all of the DAT breakdowns from the past year before starting my own study schedule, and because I think this one may benefit people who do not want to pay several hundred for subscriptions...
  11. chiralola

    Organic reactions

    So I’m a little confused, because there’s a ton of reactions in the Destroyer book (I made flash cards of all of them and it’s pretty thick) but on the Bootcamp tests I always see the same handful of reactions. Would you guys say it’s totally necessary to memorize all the reactions in Destroyer...
  12. manda4

    For Sale Cheap DAT Study Materials - ON SALE!

    These materials helped me study for the DAT and do well - I'm a D2 now :) DAT DESTROYERS/ODYSSEY: $70 EACH OBO! (shipping included) KAPLAN DAT: $20 individually or $10 with purchase of a destroyer DAT Destroyer 2013 - great condition, no writing/highlighting MATH Destroyer 2013 - great...
  13. A

    OAT Books For Sale! Pictures in Comments!

    Hey all! I am selling all of the material I used to do well on the OAT last summer. I have the following available: - Huge Kaplan Review Notes book- (light highlighting in first few bio chapters & some erased writing) - Kaplan Lesson Book- (minimal erased writing) - Kaplan Flashcards- (all...
  14. E

    Taking ORGOMAN course over the summer need a study plan

    Hello I am taking the DAT course with Dr. Romano in NY this summer and I would like to come up with a study plan. I am aiming to take the DAT by August 30th which totals about 3 months of study time. Here are the resources I've surmised to be most helpful. DAT destroyer combo pack PAT-...
  15. N

    DAT bootcamp or Destroyer better for QR?

    Hi I was wondering what was more representative of whats going to be on the QR section?
  16. A

    Your DAT Destroyer Approach

    I've been following Ari's schedule for the past month and a half, and I'm about to start doing destroyer problems. Contrary to the layout of the schedule, I would like to go through all of the problems in each section (OC: 360, GC: 402, Bio: 685) at least twice in the month and a half that I...
  17. U

    Selling 2015 Destroyer + Free Cliff's 3rd ed.

    I have a 2015 Destroyer that I bought new. Great condition. No writing/notes or loose pages. The only marks in the book are from where I highlighted the numbers in the left margin of a few problems that I wanted to review. I will throw in a free Cliff's AP Bio 3rd edition with highlighting...
  18. manda4

    For Sale DAT Destroyer, MATH Destroyer, Organic Chemistry Odyssey, and Kaplan For Sale

    These materials helped me study for the DAT! Now I'm a D2 and I realized these books can help another student out there. Private message me for pricing. DAT Destroyer 2013 - great condition, no writing/highlighting MATH Destroyer 2013 - great condition, no writing/highlighting Organic Chemistry...
  19. D

    Dat destroyer new vs old

    Hi I had option of buying 2015 DAT and Math destroyer at a much less price. needed you help in figure out that whether i should get 2018 version or the 2015 version will be ok for studying for DAT?
  20. P

    OAT Kaplan 2016 Review Book + OAT Destroyer + Flash cards

    FOR SALE! OAT Big Blue Kaplan Review Notes Book 2016 (VERY helpful, covers all major topics in depth!!) OAT Destroyer (Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Quantitative Reasoning, Biology, Physics) which includes hundreds of practice questions with detailed solutions (VERY SIMILAR TO OAT) OAT...
  21. Elvisthepelvis

    Best Bootcampt Full practice tests?

    Hi guys! Okay so my test is in 10ish days (its on Feb 1) and I'm freaking out to say the least... so I wanted to do all tests bootcamp has to offer before the exam but I am still doing dat destroyer!! I've done full tests #1-4 and did pretty well on them (but that could be because I've seen...
  22. beeepbooop

    21AA DAT (21AA/21PAT/20TS): some encouragement!

    I just took my DAT today and did better than I was anticipating with a 21AA. I wanted to make a brief post to encourage people who are still studying and still feeling like they're not hitting the scores that they want to get on the actual test. Obviously this is just my experience, but I...
  23. F

    Bio Destroyer

    Hi guys. So I went through all of cliffs and feralis, and some questions from the destroyer are extremely detailed and go into biochem and specificities of different diseases... I'm sort of freaking out about it... how do I go about the questions that I have no idea how to solve? Do i just make...
  24. G

    DAT study material!

    Just took my DAT last week and I am ready to get rid of all my study materials! I have for sale: DAT Destroyer Math Destroyer Kaplan 2015 with both tests unused AP Biology 3rd edition Hundreds of Kaplan flashcards for Gen Chem, Orgo and Biology Hoping to get $300 or best offer for all of it!
  25. G

    FOR SALE: Destroyers, Kaplans, CliffsAP

    Hi everyone! Finally done studying and time to sell all my study materials. These were the best materials to ace the DAT. 2015 Math and DAT Destroyer 2015 Kaplan DAT with both practice tests unused 2009 Kaplan DAT 3rd Edition Cliffs AP Biology Insane amounts of Kaplan notecards for Biology...
  26. E

    Alloted Time For Destroyer 2017, Math Destroyer 2017 and Bootcamp?

    Hi guys, I'm nearing the end of my review stage and will start practice questions soon. I may reschedule my test date based on everyone's input (I'd like to pay the $25 reschedule fee as opposed to the $65). How many weeks is sufficient to go through all the materials in DAT Destroyer (2017)...
  27. D

    DAT in 2 weeks/reschedule?

    I only had 7 weeks to study for the DAT after summer school session 1 because I am going on a dental mission trip the third week of September. I am now only 2 weeks away from my test date and I am basically only halfway done with Ari's Study guide. I started doing the gen chem bootcamp and...
  28. S

    DAT Rescheduled: Studied in the summer, taking DAT in the winter

    Hey guys! I've been trying to find a thread that matched with my situation the most, but I cannot seem to find any. But I really need advice and some help! I was set to take the DAT this early September but I do not feel ready at all. I've studied everything but my scores in QR/Math and General...
  29. Auntymarkovnikov

    DAT in 3 days!!

    I can't postpone the exam because my Bootcamp subscription literally runs out the day of my exam. I took BC full lengths 1,2,3, and 5 (i meant to do 4 but i accidentally clicked on 5, fml). I don't want to take any tests on Thursday, the day before my exam.. so tomorrow (Wednesday) should i take...
  30. D

    Ari's Study Guide HELP!!!!

    I have 27 days left until my test date. I've been using Ari's Study Guide but I was taking summer session so it cut into my studying (for the first month). I planned everything out but I will be able to do everything EXCEPT Days 46-55. Roughly about 10 days. I am planning on omitting those...
  31. D

    Officially Done with DAT

    Today I took my DAT. I am writing this to give my thoughts on what I did for preparation and what I recommend to others. My scores are listed below. AA: 23 TS: 24 PAT: 24 QR: 24 RC: 19 BIO: 22 GC: 23 OC: 26 To start, the best thing I can suggest is to get as much exam practice as possible. You...
  32. artist2022

    DAT Breakdown! 8/9/2017 - 25AA/24TS/22PAT

    Hello again, SDN! As I was typing that title thread just now, I still couldn't believe it. Brace yourself, this will be long. Here are my scores: PAT:22 QR:25 RC:25 Bio:25 GC:26 OC:22 TS:24 AA:25 First, how test day was, then how I prepared! But first, some background: oGPA= 3.88, sGPA=3.99...
  33. Auntymarkovnikov

    Took my first practice test.. DAT in 9 days. Need advice!!

    My exam is on the 18th (Today is the 9th) I took my first full-length practice exam and I'm getting a little worried. It was from Bootcamp, here are my scores: Bio: 19 GC: 22 OC: 24 PAT: 21 RC: 16 QR: 16 I got my butt handed to me on RC. Didn't finish RC or QR. I guess in my defense ive never...
  34. R

    chance me dental school 23aa 22ts 21pat

    Age 21 Biology major chem and Spanish minors 23 aa 22 ts 21 bio 22 orgo 27 gc 22 qr 21 reading 21 pat 3.78 gpa. 3.68 science gpa 3.67 bio/biochem/physics gpa 200 hours community service fraternity philanthropy chair 350 hours working/shadowing general dentist Manager at country club 2 science...
  35. R

    chance me

    23 aa 22 ts 21 bio 22 orgo 27 gc 22 qr 21 reading 21 pat 3.78 gpa. 3.68 science gpa 200 hours community service fraternity philanthropy chair 350 hours working/shadowing general dentist ny state resident applying to: stony brook, Columbia, nyu, tufts, bu, maryland, rutgers, touro, buffalo, pitt
  36. R

    Dat break down 7/25/17 23aa 22ts

    Just took my dat on july 25th and figured I'd post a breakdown. Studied for 2-3 months using destroyer, Crack Pat, bootcamp and chads and Achiever. I scored: 23 aa 22 ts 21 bio 22 orgo 27 gc 22 qr 21 reading 21 pat 3.78 gpa. 3.68 science gpa First, I would like to say I am very happy I am done...
  37. R

    dat breakdown 7/25/17

    Just took my dat on july 25th and figured I'd post a breakdown. Studied for 2-3 months using destroyer, Crack Pat, bootcamp and chads and Achiever. I scored: 23 aa 22 ts 21 bio 22 orgo 27 gc 22 qr 21 reading 21 pat 3.78 gpa. 3.68 science gpa First, I would like to say I am very happy I am done...
  38. J

    Updated Bootcamp Schedule?

    Hey guys, does anyone know if there is an updated bootcamp schedule? The one I got from the website ends with Day 41: " ☐ Take Math Destroyer Test 12 untimed • Congrats, you’ve finished Math Destroyer for the first time! ☐ Do DAT Destroyer Biology problems: 136-162 ☐ Do DAT Destroyer General...
  39. HappyPomme

    DAT + summer school

    Hey everyone! So a few months ago when I first learned I would have to be studying for the DAT while taking a summer class, I have to admit that I was really worried and tried looking for some comfort in SDN threads from others who have done this in the past. However, reading some of the posts...
  40. A

    DAT Destroyer Run Through

    Hi All, I have a two versions of each DAT destroyer I bought off of friends (different years have different questions). Would it be better to go through one year's destroyer twice, or go through all the questions and review only the ones I got wrong? Thanks for the advice.