dental decks

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Apr 5, 2001
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Im a dentist from india, and am preparing to give my Boards in the USa, I want to know if anyone has the Part I dental decks to sell and if you are interested to please e mail me at [email protected]

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have sent you an email.... pls reply!
i did not get any mail from you....may be you can try again!.... :)
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Well, I did! Anywayz, looks like the email woz eaten up by some bad code. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I have the Dental Decks in xerox copy. Im planning to take the Boardz part 1 this December and have been collecting the material required for the last couple of weeks. Im in India right now and gaining access to these isnt very easy. However, MOST of the books required are available here in bootleg copies! So, if ya want, I could send you the Dental Decks part 1 but ONLY a xerox copy. But then it makes mores ense for you to get yourself the original. One thing I needed to know: Are you a citizen of the USA? Ive heard that they only accept permanent residents and citizens into the International Dentist (Advanced Standing) this true?
waiting for a reply.... :p
hi..thanks ....but i already got the dental decks....thanks,Im not a resident....and all colleges dont have that far as i know it is there in chicago/IL...that you ahve to be a permanent resident in teh what im planning is give the boards and apply to as many colleges as possible and then depending on where i get called for interview make a choice....the advantage of being a that you acn try for financial aid.....otherwise you ahve pay the whole amount...are you coming to usa...for the exams??....
I took it last july 2000 - I thought I failed and ended up with over 90! :D null