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Mar 7, 2016
  1. Pre-Dental
    Hello I just got accepted into a dental hygiene program. I'm 20. and im halfway done with my pre reqs for dental school. All i need is physics 1 and 2 and orgo 1 and 2

    I plan on completing the hygiene program, and working part time. As soon as I begin working part time I'm going back to Rutgers university to complete my bachelors and pre reqs, taking my DAT and applying/going to dental school.

    How easy was it to find a job after the hygiene program?
    Is it part time or full time? what are your hours and pay
    what was the interviewing process like?

    Anyone a hygienist while going to school?

    I live in NEW JERSEY

    I want to move back to NYC, if I wanted to be a hygienist there would I have to take another exam?
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