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  1. N

    Pre Dental Major to RDH?

    If I am currently on a Pre-Dental track but interested in becoming a RDH, what is the best path I should go about this?
  2. T

    Georgia Licensing Confusion

    Hello! I’m a dental hygienist not a dentist so I know this isn’t exactly the place to be asking my questions but I’m desperate. I’m going to be moving to Georgia in June because my fiancé has been accepted into OMFS residency. So I’ve been looking into how to get licensed there but the Georgia...
  3. M

    Low gpa, decided to do dental hygiene first? Need some advice!

    Hey guys. I graduated with my bachelor of science degree, and my GPA was at around 2.8. I know I wasn't really focusing on my school at that time.. and I regret it. I thought my gpa was too weak to apply for any dental school (didn't even think about taking DAT either because of my gpa) so I...
  4. CavHooah

    Dental Hygenist->Business School->Dentist?

    First off, thanks for anybody that responds, and this is my first post so... Hello! Alright guys, I'm really hoping that somebody can come in here and give me some solid advice. So a little background on myself, I am a 20 year old male. I am a current National Guardsman and I am finishing my...
  5. T

    How should I come about become a Dentist and what is the lifestyle like?

    I've recently graduated from high school and I'm considering going to a community college to get my AS in dental hygiene. I want to start working as a dental hygienist to see if I like the dental work and because the pay is really nice for just an associates degree. If I enjoy working as a DH...
  6. B

    dental hygienist and dental hygiene graduates

    Hello I just got accepted into a dental hygiene program. I'm 20. and im halfway done with my pre reqs for dental school. All i need is physics 1 and 2 and orgo 1 and 2 I plan on completing the hygiene program, and working part time. As soon as I begin working part time I'm going back to...
  7. U

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  8. N

    Practice as a Dental Hygienist

    Hi, I have earned BDS (Bachelor of dental surgery) degree from Bangladesh. I want to practice as a dental hygienist in US. What are steps to get a license here? Also, do I need to complete any additional courses for that? Thank you for your help!
  9. D

    Dental Hygienist to Dentist??

    Hello everybody, I am a sophomore in highschool who would really like to go to dental school. I am a pretty good student and am in all honors classes. I'm going to take AP bio next year along with many math classes. So my question is: is it possible for me to do dental hygiene for 4 years and...
  10. Cumminsman13

    Am I likely to get accepted into Dental School with a BS in Dental Hygiene?

    Hello there. I know there are multiple threads out there with answers to questions that are similar to mine. However, I feel as though my situation is different and because of that, I could not seem to find a useful answer in any of the other threads. I am a freshman in College, and I am just...