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    Hunter College DPT Class of 2025

    Hi, I am starting this thread because I have not seen another one with the incoming class in Hunter's DPT program this year. I currently have an apartment in Far Rockaway but I was looking for housing closer to campus and was wondering if anyone else in the class was as well.
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  3. M

    Position Swap PGY1 IM in Boston looking to swap into NYC

    Current PGY1 at Boston academic program looking to switch to academic NYC program for family reasons. Please message me if interested.
  4. partypat

    NYU vs MSKCC vs NYP HPM Fellowship

    I'm a third year internal medicine resident who is looking to move to NYC for my HPM fellowship. I've been very fortunate to have interviewed at the palliative medicine fellowship programs for NYU, New York Presbyterian (Columbia+Cornell Bicampus), and Memorial Sloan Kettering. I know that I'm...
  5. medshousing

    Unfurnished NYC Upper East Side Gem 1 Bedroom in Elevatored building

    Www.MedsHousing.com Listing # 1925 Classical Living on the Upper East Side | A jewel among Upper East Side Apartments. a 7 minute walk to NYP Cornel Weil. a 10 minute walk to Lennox Hill and a quick subway ride to NYU Med/Columbia Midtown . Modern and updated 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment in a...
  6. K

    SUNY Downstate Early Medical Education Summer 2021 Application

    Hello! Has anyone applied to this program this year or are there any students who were granted acceptance last cycle and can talk about their experience ? I submitted my application yesterday!
  7. E

    Applying for a job after completing GPR in NYC

    Hi all, I'm about to start my GPR residency on July 1st in NYC. I like to plan things out mentally ahead of time, so I wanted to know exactly how the process works around this time next year in terms of applying for jobs/receiving licensure. From what I've read, it seems that many people...
  8. M

    Icahn SOM at Mount Sinai vs. Weill Cornell Medicine

    Mt. Sinai Pros All lectures are recorded & non-mandatory Really cares about student wellness; many of the students seemed genuinely happy (as far as medical school wellness goes) Protected half-days every Tuesday (nothing scheduled after 12PM) & an examination system that allows students to...
  9. C

    NYC MCAT Prep Courses

    Hi all, It's my first post on Student Doctor Network, and as I'm new to this I may have missed a recent thread. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions as to an in-person MCAT course offered in or around NYC (accessible without a car) ideally starting this fall within the next few weeks. I...
  10. V

    USMLE USMLE Step 2CK schedule and advice

    Hi, I am an non-US IMG. My step 1 result was very low (203). I am very determined to continue my step journey. This October, I will be in the US attending step 2 CK prep in Kaplan NYC. I have alrdy bought Step up to Medicine textbook. I would like to know is there any study schedule suitable...
  11. M

    Gap Year When to apply?

    Hi everyone! I recently decided to take a gap year, so I need to find a real job during that time. I was wondering when I should start applying for jobs to put me at the best advantage for getting a job that I want for my gap year? I would like to do something research related. Are there any...
  12. Asphyxiation

    NYC - CMA Training but no accredited schools in the area?

    Hey guys, really new here so I apologize in advance if this is a little sloppy. I'm a first year Bio major and can't seem to get another job to save my life. Having a different job in line with my major and goals that also affords rent would be great but I also still need financial aid. I'm...
  13. T

    Just decided to pursue Neurology - have some questions.

    Hey all- So I've been set on surgery (ortho, gen, urology) or anesthesiology since before medical school, but I've recently completed my neuro clerkship and was enamored. I never even considered it, and I'm pretty in the dark about the residency process. From preliminary research it doesn't...
  14. K

    NYC Biostatistics Programs

    Hello all, I am planning on applying to MS (not MPH) in Biostatistics programs for next fall and am trying to land myself in NYC. Does anyone have any opinions on the quality of the various programs in the city? Which are worth the application? As of now I am aware of programs at Columbia...
  15. O

    CUNY Hunter College

    Hi, anyone who went to Hunter College for pre-med, could you give some insight into the experience. How are classes, student life, dorms ect. Thanks!
  16. O

    CCNY Experience?

    Could anyone that goes to CCNY pre-med share some insight on what its like, as well as what the surrounding area is like? How are classes, what do you do for fun on weekends, ect. Thanks!
  17. Kwijibo

    Position Available Interventional Pain Fellowship Position Available for August 2018

    Opening in Non - ACGME Accredited Fellowship Program in New York City Opening for the upcoming year for a position in a heavily interventional pain practice. This position opened secondary to a candidate dropping out. You will be working under 6 interventional pain docs through several of our...
  18. M

    MD What are my chances?

    Deleted for anonymity.
  19. T

    DPT Houston to NYC

    I’m seriously looking into moving from Houston to New York City next year to practice pediatric physical therapy (hospital outpatient facility or private outpatient facility). I would have 3 years experience and my PCS certification. What kind of salary should I expect? Is it possible to live in...
  20. D

    MD Differences between 4 Hofstra OB/GYN residency programs

    On ERAS I saw four separate Hofstra Northwell OB/GYN residency programs listed (Southside Hospital, Lenox Hill, Manhasset, and Staten Island). I'm not from New York, but am interested in applying to programs in NYC, and was wondering how each of these programs are similar/different? Are they all...
  21. E

    CIM Position Available (New York)

    Immediate opening available at surgical centers based in Brooklyn & Queens, New York. This is a great opportunity for an MD who has yet to complete residency training. The role of CIM is similar to a Medical Scribe position, yet requires greater knowledge and skill set. You will be working...
  22. C

    Columbia Ophthalmology Residency / Edward S. Harkness Eye Institute

    Hey Ophtho applicants, Columbia residents here! Our program has undergone a number of substantive changes in the past few years, so we thought we’d reach out in the medium we remember using as med students ourselves. Major changes include an increase from 3 to 4 residents per year with the...
  23. O

    Coursework & Fieldwork OT- Level II Fieldwork NYC

    Hey everyone! I just completed my first three semesters of OT school. I have my pediatrics semester left and then two semesters of Level II fieldwork before graduation :):):) I currently live and attend school in Connecticut. However, I am considering completing my Level II FW in NYC. I was...
  24. Rmaurer754

    General Admissions & OTCAS Credits From Community College

    Hi all, I am in my fourth year at an accredited university. I will be moving on to apply for my master's in occupational therapy soon, however I am lacking a few course prerequisites required for schools I would like to apply to. I would also like to retake my courses in anatomy and physiology...
  25. M

    Best NYC Electives and Residencies in OB/GYN

    Hello. I am a 2nd year medical student. I am interested in pursuing my residency training (+ fellowship + eventual career) in NYC. At this point, I think I am interested in OB/GYN (to eventually pursue REI or MFM). I was considering some of the residency programs in NYC including Cornell...
  26. Z

    New York and Florida PostBaccs

    Hey there, I am a career-changer looking for a postbacc program. I have local housing in New York and Florida and I currently live in New York. (in-state tuition is why im telling you this!) My first thought was I wanted to stay in New York so as to keep my life relatively normal taking these...
  27. A

    Mt Sinai staff pharmacist shifts

    Does anyone know if any Mt. Sinai hospitals in NYC schedule 10-hour staff pharmacist shifts (day, evening or graveyard) as opposed to the standard 8-hour shift?
  28. E

    For Sale Orgoman Destroyer+Math+Odyssey(orgo)

    Hello! I am selling my OAT Destroyer Physics book (2014 Version) The book is in a brand new condition and has never been used before. I am in New York --I can either meet up or ship it to you. Price: $55 (shipping isn't included)
  29. U

    Can I send an "in the area" email?

    I am from MA, but I go to school a 3+ hour plane ride away. I will be interviewing at a school in NYC during my winter break, so I am wondering if it is reasonable to send an "in the area" email to a couple other NYC schools. Will that be frowned-upon because I am from MA, or would they...
  30. I

    Study partner for CS in New York

    I'm a final year med student from India, taking the step 2 cs next month. I'm looking for a live study partner in New York (I live near Washington Heights) from 18th to 24th July. Please get back asap if interested. Thanks
  31. B

    dental hygienist and dental hygiene graduates

    Hello I just got accepted into a dental hygiene program. I'm 20. and im halfway done with my pre reqs for dental school. All i need is physics 1 and 2 and orgo 1 and 2 I plan on completing the hygiene program, and working part time. As soon as I begin working part time I'm going back to...
  32. B

    Roommate Looking for a Roommate!

    RENT: $1900 flat rate (includes all amenities & utilities) The apartment is fully furnished, including the room I'm renting. You only have to bring your clothes! There is cable, internet, AC, 24 doorman and maintenance, elevator, and laundry in the basement. The apartment has a full...
  33. C

    Model and Med school?

    Hi I was just wondering is it possible to model on the side while you are in med school? I would obviously spend most of my time studying but for some free time I want to model, maybe walk in some shows. I got scouted and plan to go to med school in New York. Is it a waste of time or is it okay...
  34. F

    NYU vs Columbia?

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to decide between Columbia and NYU. I've been thinking on this for awhile and honestly have no clear idea about how to distinguish the two, or what really matters in terms of the "best fit" for medical school. I'll give a run down of my thoughts so far, but any insight...
  35. NYCPainDoc

    Re: Pain Medicine Fellowship Opportunity - New York, NY

    Dear Program Director, We invite you to please share with your Anesthesiology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neurology and Psychiatry resident physicians who are interested in pursuing advanced training in Pain Medicine. Click on Link to View Presentation: Fellowship Prospectus...
  36. medhopeful131

    HSS Summer Research Fellowship

    Anyone else apply to the HSS Summer Research Fellowship? Could any past participants shed some light on when applicants start hearing back? The website mentions a "hear by" date, but I'm curious if some people start to hear earlier.
  37. slate

    New York City / Manhattan 2016 MCAT Study Group NYC

    I'm taking the MCAT in April 2016. I'm interested in meeting in Manhattan to study for the MCAT. I feel that many such as myself are most proficient when working amongst others that are gearing towards the same goal. If there is anyone that is interested please say so.
  38. MemberX

    Thoughts from NYC Neurologists

    Hi All, I am looking to do my residency in NYC. I have my initial impressions about each program but I was hoping to get other people's point of views, especially from current or former residents. However, anyone with knowledge about the programs would be appreciated. Figure SDN would allow...